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Lucy Li

Czech Republic Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Lucy Li

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Dogman 4 months ago

Just one high res photo of this beauty is more than enough to justify a year's subscription. I am besotted.


GreyCoupe 2 years ago

Lucy, OMG you are beautiful. You look amazing from the front, side, back close up. WOW. Did I say WOW!


RodanV 2 years ago

If there was a picture of beautifully voluptuous in the dictionary, it would be Lucy Li. Period!


OntoMajorca 2 years ago

I hope Lucy has kids one day so she can pass on these incredible physical traits .


pc65 2 years ago

A beautiful model. Those breasts are just wonderful! Lovely face and long black hair to match! Just my type of fantasy woman! Hope to see more of her soon!


FRI13 2 years ago

I've been looking at Lucy's prior sets, and all I can say is that I could see this natural, curvy, goddess every single day and never get bored. You can NEVER have too much Lucy Li : )


FRI13 2 years ago

MY GOD - what a stunner! An instant favorite. Lucy is drop-dead, traffic-stopping gorgeous! She's beautiful from head to toe. Magnificent breasts, a cute little ass, and a trimmed bush. Not to mention sexy stares and smoldering can feel the sensuality in her eyes. I hope there's much, much more of Lucy to come grace us via Met Art. Bravo!


G2BB 2 years ago

Please bring her back!!! She's the best there ever was!


Gohan 2 years ago



trikzipper 3 years ago

Everything about her is damn near perfect. Even the flaws. Still looking for those....


thephilou 3 years ago



rowdy_555 3 years ago

what a beauty .. what a body .. epic set of BOOBS !!! u got it going on Lucy Li


YankMan 3 years ago

Lucy is such a beautiful woman. Great to see a naturally voluptuous woman! I like her nicely groomed but not fully shaved kitty. Lastly, for those of use with foot fetishes, it is great to see how she takes care of her beautiful toes and feet. I can't wait to see her again! MORE PLEASE!!!!!!


PalmaGo2 3 years ago

Lucy is doing a great job as an erotic model, certainly different from her hardcore sexiness. At least doing this she gives her body a break and explores another avenue of sexual expression. Look forward to seeing her in the top 5 models on Met Art! Love to see her busting out of some sexy lingerie and swimwear!


LINUXmaniac 3 years agoLifetime member

I absolutely don't know, why MetArt cooperates just with few girls, like is Lucy. She's an excellent example, that perfect model can be not only thin figured, small, let us say middle breasted woman, but also curvy shaped and naturally big breasted one.

If there's lack of such type of models, than it's no surprise, that there's practically zero chance for some them to get to top 10. I'm really happy, that Lucy succeeded in it and I can hope for the best, that she can stay there for long time with many more sets, or videos.


ViRaL 3 years agoLifetime member

I'm usually more of a shorter girl/small breasts kinda guy but there's something about Lucy. I can see sets of Lucy dressed as a classic Greek goddess or a Nordic Valkyrie and look the part easily. She has a very powerful and alluring presence.


mondiba 4 years ago

Wow!!! Breathtaking...


RichC 4 years ago

Lucy obviously has amazing breasts; she may also have a great ass, but these photos didn't feature it. Very cute though.


Yigs 4 years ago

Green eyes !!!


ElSlowhand 4 years ago

I've waited far too long to see Licy on MET. Welcome welcome


Astrs 4 years ago

Danke MetArt !!!! zeigt uns mehr von dieser perfekte Göttin.... viele viele Galerien und videos Bitte!!!!!!


Meat Angler 3 years ago

Ach ja, eine feine junge Göttin, würde ich sie mit meinem Schwert Schweinefleisch spielen lassen.


stardust 4 years ago

Fabulous young lady more please.


bobblehat 4 years ago

Extremely sexy, Lucy is stunningly gorgeous with an absolutely smoking body, fantastic legs, magnificent arse, lovely pussy and the most fabulous breasts, I hope we are going to see lots more of hef here, fabulous, fabulous girl!.


Juliano 4 years ago

Wonderful!! BUT Measurements is correct?? Breast 76??

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