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Luiza has the most beautiful face on earth (IMO).
Outstanding beauty from head to toe. Perfection.

Luiza is a world class beauty. It's hard to find adequate words to describe her physical appearance. She is a gorgeous woman.

How about a plain and simple WOW LUIZA!!!???

Catherine, you are an amazing artist! This photo set is simply amazing-I don't care what some of these guys say! Luiza is an amazing, beautiful woman. Her small breasts are so sexy and yet amazingly womanly. All the shots here are lovely, but 72 just takes my breath away. How I wish it was me with Luiza here instead of Penelope.

There is nothing more beautiful and erotic than seeing two gorgeous girls making love and exploring the treasures on their bodies. I wish I was with them. I could see the pleasure in their eyes as they fondle the bodies of each other. Only Katya can capyure these moments of intense love.
Katya I love you

Thank you for your beautiful photography Catherine.

Catherine is a photographer male or female?

Catherine is a gorgeous, hot woman. she is much more beautiful than her models. i consider her the hottest woman on Earth

Please inform me where i could see a pic of Catherine. I want to check if you are right.

Catherine is a female, and a beautiful woman too.

All Catherine sets have a unique and unmistakable signature.
Made of sophisticated simplicity
Made of wonderful models as distant as goddesses combed and rigged with sophisticated discretion.
Made of plastic poses and alluring that nothing hide of a beautiful woman.
When the models are two beauty is not twice but to the square.

Good grief. Why can't the photographer just let the girls actually kiss one another. What a waste.

In future work, I let them kiss a lot)

Kisses are good. ( :
Very good...

No matter the setting, the lighting, her makeup, her hairstyle, etc....Luiza is always complete and total feminine perfection.

Luiza is special....few compare to, and no one exceeds, her level of beauty.

Once again, thank you Catherine:)

Hi Browning) Thank you) I forwarded your comment Luiza, she was very happy) Thanks for the good attitude to our work.

Thank you my friend:) for forwarding my comment to Luiza. I am glad she is happy:)

Catherine, you are sweet and kind and you try to make everyone happy, so please do not allow a few negative comments to get you down.

You are the best:)

Thank you my friend) Thank you for such kind words. People have a right to a different opinion. If they do not insult, their opinion does not offend me.

Thank you))

You are an amazing woman (and beautiful too)!!!

Thank you Catherine:)

Also....if anyone resorts to insults....you have an army of admirers ready to fight along side you:)

Hear, hear, Browning! Being an ardent admirer of our beautiful Catherine (big surprise there, I know), I agree with you in every respect. ( :

fer_realz, Catherine really is an amazing woman. She's so sweet and kind to all of us....and she has a great sense of humor too.

You, Neil, Kilroy, and several other members (I apologize to these members I have not individually named) are always respectful of the model and the photographer even when a set may not be completely to your liking. This is the "army" I refer to.

It is you "guys" who make this forum a civil and pleasant place to visit and offer our opinions.

I also highly respect every photographer who has responded to our comments.....each one has their own personality and style, and I admire each for slightly a different reason.

Catherine is special though, she wants to please everyone....and it really bothers me when anyone is rude to her. I am proud of her for standing her ground lately. She's a strong woman, and I like that:)

BTW, thank you for your comment too.

Hi) Thank you for the nice words about me) I was very pleased to read that.

Catherine, you deserve all the nice words that I and everyone else could possibly bestow upon you. You are as sweet and kind as anyone I have ever known.

God Bless you:)

Another beautifully choreographed dance from Catherine. This isn't lesbian sex, boys. It's a depiction of lesbian love, in a photo set. No one pulls that off like Catherine does.

Agreed, ToLo.

Thank you very much) Yes, it's plastic, the two bodies of girls who well with each other.)

IMO opinion the concept of G/G here on Met is wasted. Our rules here preclude any actual lesbian action. It projects that the pair shot are just "lipstick" wannabe's who are willing to "play" or "tess" but are not "ready" to act on their feelings. This makes it so that the pairs have a hard time actually showing any emotion between them. Ironically the Movie by APF ans Andrej yesterday on SexArt show the opposite, i.e the pair devouring one another. It's reflected in the ratings of the sets. Here g/g seldom high, on Sex G/G seldom low. And in several sets the same pair. Of course that is just my opinion.

Sorry SW, I mist your post asking for opinion.

Firstly my thoughts on this set, I think this set is ok and if I am honest , I think that girls kissing and a little bit of nipple play is quite exciting. I think there is not much of a 'story' within the set, i.e. both girls are naked from the outset and there is no real seduction scene. I think the two girls here are too similar (hair colour/style, similar build, etc) to look good together if that makes sense, my opinion is that I would love to see either of these girls with someone with contrasting look, which I think would bring more interest to the set.

Now for G/G sets on met. I think that overall most of the G/G sets on Metart are a little bland and much prefer the single girl sets. I tend to agree that within G/G sets there needs to be a bit more of a 'graphic' element to them, this is obviously not where Metart sits (and that's fair enough). I think that Catherine's G/G sets at Sexart are awesome because there is more of a graphic element.

Having said the above I am not sure if I would want to see G/G sets eliminated from Metart as they add some variation to the single girl sets.

I have always said that my taste may not be someone else's taste and vice-versa, so if I think a set is not great then I move on. If others like it then that's great. There may be many lovers of the G/G sets here on Met, so my general indifference for the G/G sets 'does not amount to a hill of beans'.

Thanks for asking my opinion SW.

SW, I have wrote about this issue in the comments of my set Jeleba (04.10.13).

Well said swplf2, and your comment reminds me that I really need to get a membership over at Sex-Art.

I have said this from day one! but you have to remember that there are multiple sites and there has to be a dividing line. As far as I am concerned they could do away with these sets and I would not be bothered one bit. To me it is distracting. It does not add to the interest it detracts from it. I no longer even look at these sets.

SW - You are saying something that I have thought since I joined MA. In essence, G/G shoots are often little more than a chance to see two beauties together in one set (like the one two days ago). The limitations placed by the guidelines of this site don't allow much else. I'm not saying MA should abandon G/G shoots altogether, just that I agree with you that under these rules, additional value that should be realized is severely dampened.

If there is any real interaction allowed, it is shown in this set by Catherine, and my credit to her for being so bold to push the boundaries, and for Luiza and Penelope for their part. This set really is about as good as G/G can get here.

Let me add - for "K" - That I am not trying to be critical or suggest that the guidelines be changed. This is a top site and I enjoy it very much, else I would not have been a member for two years.

Let me make it clear I agree with Kilroy. I am not advocating change at all. My comment was just an observation. Multiple girl sets do have a place here and they can be fun. Take the photo set with Ariel, Indiana A, & Lorena it was a blast. It may be that g/g works best when no sexual element is included here at Met.

Catherine, you normally comment on all your sets. Jump in here and give us the artist's perspective on this issue.

She can't. Rules is rules and you can't question the guy that writes your pay check.

Hi. Thank you very much) You all write something with which I agree. This is a set of two plastic bodies that are to like each other. Not all such sets have a strong energy. When I look at a paired sets, most of them seem to be boring to me. Number of sometimes turns into quality. When you shoot paired sets sometimes appear very interesting, energetic sex couples that are nice to look at. Therefore the pair of doing that once formed a pair.

A complete and total waste of two perfectly good women.

Once again, as always, and every time, the best of the best, the most erotic , and highest quality photography of all on this site!

Agree fully! Catherine's work is superb. both Luiza and Penelope are magnificently erotic!

Thank mchltxxx) Very pleased to read your comment)

If you are not found of this set please realize this is an old set from Catherine that Met Art published.

It seems many don't care for 2 girls sets, but Penelope and Luiza are both beautiful.
I'm a fan of anything that Luiza appears in, she's gorgeous.

Thank you Catherine:)

It should read "If you are not fond of this set..." (instead of "found"). Sorry for the spelling error.

I like lesbian sets generally but this is one, like Sailor, I'll not bother with. It's plain boring. Please give me Luiza on her own.

Hi. good)

Penelope and Luiza are both very beautiful, and they work well together. You can tell because a woman's ear get pink when she's happy.

Hi 5seadog) Modelp perhaps indeed be happy) They were very comfortable with each other.

Penelope D is really beautiful, more solo sets of her, please!

Hi Marcello) I have sets with model Penelope. I will try to offer them to Met-Art.

lezbo sets suck. this one proves it!

I was so happy to see there was another lesbian set from Catherine. I love the tied back hair, the perfect skin, perfect bodies, and the models warm, loving affection for each other. The models touch each other everywhere, and wrap their legs around each other, and are seen in a variety of positions. It would have been nice to climb onto the bed and squeeze in between them. I feel like I can smell your sweet photos Catherine! They give off a pleasant aroma.

Thank you very much Ouchstopit) You wrote a very erotic and sensual review) I am very pleased that you liked the work.))

The close-up shots of the kiss were HOT! ( :

Thank you))

Maybe ten good photos in the whole set! Models are beautiful, set is horrible. Never have liked sets where the majority of the pics you see only parts of the models.

I will try accommodate your wishes)

I like to much the colors of the sets from Catherine:-) Both Girls are beautiful... Kisses all over to both Angels from Switzerland, the c_______e Country:::)))

Hi Roger) Greetings from Kazan) Thank you for a good evaluation of the work. The girls would be happy with your review)

Luiza and Penelope are beautiful together. Two wonderfully beautiful women, with that distinctively Catherine style. Lovely. Sensual and sexy, with elegance and sophistication. Well done, ladies.

Hi Neil) Thank you for your benevolence)

Catherine, I love you madly, but this is one lesbian set I'm not downloading, even though both girls are lovely. Please go back to one-girl sessions. xoxo

Hi Sailor) I will fulfill what you ask for. It's so nice to do something that who loves you)

Sailor, read Kilroy and my exchange on this set and give us your opinion. Please. I'll come back and find it.

swplf2, I agree with both of you. I will download a g-g set only when I really like both girls. I know that some guys like them—look at the negative reactions to my post above. I like MetARt, RylskyArt, etc. because they deal in erotica, not porn. As a matter of fact, I don't like b-g porn at all. I'm only attracted to one of the participants, I don't like seeing other men get blow jobs, watching two people fuck gets old fast. And I HATE the obligatory cum shots!

In contrast, I love celebrating the beauty of the female body and the free play of imagination/fantasy we find here.

The real irony is that I actually enjoy lesbian porn. The ladies are usually gorgeous, and they're doing things I'd like to do myself. (Who wouldn't love to eat Lorena's pussy?) Does that help?

I agree with you completely with regards to B-G porn. I have no desire whatsoever to see another man without clothes.
I do differ with you on this though, I'm not a big fan of lesbian porn either.
I plain and simply do not like any hard core porn at all.
I prefer exactly what Met art is....Erotic Art.

Makes sense to me, Browning. We're not that far apart. The lesbian sets were the only ones I enjoyed at SA, but I'm not a member any more, which says something. MetArt and RylskyArt are both far sexier to me because of the beauty and room for imagination on both sites.

Thanks Sailor, Actually it was in part the way your first post on this got the boo bird going that prompted me to raise the question. Will be interesting to see how much shit I get thrown at me for even raising the issue. By the way I always thought g/g was more fun to watch than b/g. But it is nice to know some of my favs who are great with g/g such as Dido also like men. The one true advantage of SexArt. The other being in g/g they are allowed to get off. Thanks again.

Forgot this. When Tess got some negative comment over at Sex on her last photoset I pointed out that she had done what every male member wishes he could eat/fuck Lorena. So right on to your reply to me.


Hi a2m2) I agree with you. They love me, too, when they are together.

Dear Catherine, thank you for this beautiful set with Luiza, my personal all time favorite Met-Beauty.
A question regarding her: is she still working as a model, now that she is mother or did she retire? I dont hope so, i would miss her strongly, as i check Met-Art every day if there is a new set of her arriving. Please greet her from her biggest admirer from switzerland and show as many more sets of her, or a video with her, with would be a great joy to me.
Dear Catherine, please go on with your fantastic work and show us the female erotic with your artful pictures of your beautiful models.

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