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Herrlich, sie ist schon am Anfang ganz nackig, später legt sie die schönen Beine hoch und zeigt ihr nacktes Fötzchen, macht mich geil, mein nackter Spatz ist ganz steif und steht steil hoch...

Wonderful beauty. Special face and eyes. Seldom seen such beauty. She is best of all.

Incredible beauty. Super body and gorgeous face.

Another very nice set. Luiza looks great with her hair up, down, tied back, or whatever. She is not only a beautiful woman, but she is also very pretty. What I mean is that many women can be called beautiful, but how many actually have a pretty face, pretty eyes, pretty expressions, etc.? Well, IMO Luiza surely has all of those qualities and many more that I could go on and on about. She also has a very nice petite body and super legs. She's simply gorgeous in every detail. There may be a few women as beautiful as her, but none more so. Her beauty is flawless.

Luiza has the physical beauty of a Goddess. She has a gorgeous face and the prettiest brown eyes.....Luiza is physically perfect IMO.

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Simply outstanding woman.
Luiza has a gorgeous body, exceptionally pretty brown eyes, and perfect facial features (I love her facial expressions too).
IMO, he who is fortunate enough to look into Luiza's eyes and kiss her soft lips, is a very, very, very lucky man.

just a Q why is #58/59 a rear shot and her hair is in focus but not her but theres a few more like this also its photo 101 class

Luiza A is one of the most beautiful women on earth. She's flawless....absolutely stunning no matter the setting, makeup, hair, etc. In my life I've seen very few women who are as naturally pretty as Luiza A. It is impossible to improve upon Luiza's physical appearance....she is a perfect 10.

Hi negam13) Thanks. I sent Luiza your comment.

Thank you Catherine I appreciate that very much:)....Luiza has been my favorite from the first day I saw her in "Contempo" (the first photo set of Luiza you brought us). You are definitely one of the top photographers....I admire all of your work (but I'm partial to Luiza.....no adjective in the English language can adequately describe Luiza's beauty). She's simply adorable.

Thanks negam13) is pleasant that you like Luiza and my work.

It is kind of you to respond, thank you:). Your photography is always great and I want to thank you for this also. Lastly I want to thank you for the various fully "clothed" photos and "facial close ups" of Luiza which appear in several sets. I often display these "clothed" and "facial close up" images as the wallpaper on my computer. Please send my regards to Luiza, I wish her happiness in life. You both are the best.

Hi Catherine, I read another post where you stated that Luiza is getting married. Please send her my regards....I wish her complete happiness everyday of her life. Luiza will be a gorgeous bride in her wedding dress and if Luiza is half as sweet as she is beautiful her future husband is a very lucky man.

This is my first look a Catherine's work. It will not be my last. Luiza is beautiful. Soft, sophisticated and elegant.

Hi Neil ) I Hope, you won't be disappointed)

Wonderful little lady. Her eyes are stunning, that is the first thing I noticed...., no really, scouts honour!


Hi deadsurfkiss) I completely agree with you. I too sometimes consider photos with Luiza at it very rare person and expressive eyes. Thank you)

Another nice set from Luiza and Catherine.But would look to see more closeups of her beautiful pussy.

Thanks H WU) is pleasant to read your comment. I now try to do more close ups.

Thanks for letting us see another photoset! Sexy and smooth. Many of your photosets even seem to be scented; I swear they give off a pleasant aroma! I've always wondered, do you prefer Canon? Nikon? I realize this may be asking too much. I Love you! (If I could speak Russian I would say something nice). Your replies always make me so happy.

Hi Ouchstopit) Thanks for very warm message. It is very pleasant to me that my work is pleasant to you. I work with the Canon camera. It not because other stamps are worse. When seriously you are engaged in the photo, simply you get used to one of stamps of cameras. Habits don't want to be changed. Thank you)

I guess the Russian word марка is auto-translated as "stamp", but you actually meant "brand". Once you start using one and get all the lenses and accessories that go with it, it is very difficult (not mentioning very expensive) to change. While on the subject, do you use mostly zoom lens or fixed? I hope I am not asking for too much info. Also very glad to see that there is a work on the website. Good luck!

Another excellent set of pictures of the beautiful Luiza.. Very nice 'work' Katya, and please tell her that I love her hair...just as it is here. It's a real treat to see another of your works so soon....especially when it's Luiza!:o) Thanks and kisses to you both!

Hi rockhard) We too embrace you and we kiss on the answer))

The damn "comment gremlins" got me again!! Oh well....us old folks are inclined to repeat ourselves anyway...lol

Another excellent set of pictures of this beautiful girl. Very nice Katya and a real treat to see another of your 'works' so soon...:o)

Perfect job from Catherine for a perfect Angel like Luiza as always:-) Kisses from Switzerland... The cheese Country instead of chocolate Country this time...

Thanks Roger) Luiza wouldn't prevent to eat a lot of cheese to gain weight)) Hello to you from Russia the vodka countries)))

Such an elegant beauty.

Thanks Sailor))

Hair down looks GORGEOUS, Luiza.

Softer. Sexier. More feminine.

Really nice change.

I actually really like it up; but the change is welcome too. Great set.

Hi Birthday Cake) I wasn't sure that this hairdress will be good. To tell honestly, I and now am not up to the end sure. But I am glad that it is pleasant to you)

Hi, if You read that:
Sharing your doubt I have representations. What would You think about a serie with Luiza wearing a Kimono (partial) and the hair of a Maiko ?


Hi Hello) I am afraid to work so not to create the parody to style which I almost don't know. I think that organically to make it it is necessary to be born in Japan. But your idea is very interesting. I am tempted very much by a subject of the Middle East, the Arab East)

Hi, Catherine, You are right. It is a very complicated thing, a little strange and also expensive. The white robe in 'Sypressi' suits her just as well. Initial point was to suggest that Luiza could wear some upswepped hairstyles like Andere A for example. The Maikos were not the best and a rather coincidental example .

What a pleasant surprise Catherine! Does Luiza carry on?
No doubt many pictures are very nice as always, but some seems not undealt (blurred)- but I can err.
Please feel free to show us Luizas status quo always as true as possible like in "Luces". Even if she was a little bit skinny there (You wrote she
wanted it) - she was damned sexy in Luces and recorded masterly. Nonetheless thank You very much for 'Grisial'.

Thanks a lot Hello) Thank you that you grant to me the right to a mistake)) Luiza possesses the unique person and very clean skin. These qualities outweigh all shortcomings. Thank you for the kind relation)

Luisa is one of your most beautiful models and Catherine does a wonderful job with her. Luisa's breasts and nipples are awesome, extremely erotic, and her face is gorgeous.

Hi Gary) I agree with you, a breast of Luiza am very good. It has very beautiful clean face. Thank you for an appreciation of my work.


It is a pity...

Still waiting to visit your website. I can't wait to see the photography that makes Catherine's and Rylsky's dull in comparision. It must be nuclear.

Hi Neil) Now there is a work on a site. I hope that after a while you will be able to see it.

Luiza, with an alluring glance at the camera, can just about pull the viewer into the room with her. I don't know if it's just her, or Catherine being able to elicit that look, but it's erotic as heck.

Hi mincer) Thanks a lot) I only the photographer, and eroticism of Luiza is excellent.

Flawless, head to toe

Thanks lucymaxwell))

Lovely like always))

Hi JimmyGeorge) Absolutely with you it agrees)

Luiza es muy abierta en algunas de las fotos! Niza! Más, por favor!

Thanks Caballo) I will consider it)


Your set has a softness about it that brings out the beauty of your models. However, I do not prefer the style of the photo where you do not capture the entire body of your model. There are very few of your photos where you can see the complete beauty of the woman being presented.

Hi Ingoodtaste) I will consider your wishes. I now so any more don't remove.

Wonderful set of this slender , hauntingly beautiful woman.

Luiza's delicate frame, small breasts and dark erect nipples are quite superb. The shots from the rear where Catherine shows us Luiza's pussy and beautiful large dark anus are quite breathtaking...

More of this beauty soon please....

Hi bikeman4) Thanks for good words about our work) I Hope, Luiza you still will please.

Luiza has a heartbreakingly beautiful face. It is good that I do not know her in real life, she could melt me like a stick of butter with just a pout. ( ;
I love her hairstyle, it really accentuates her beauty.

Hi fer_realz) it is possible, it is good that you don't know it personally))) As far as I have heard a lot, it hurt not one heart.

I love everything about Luiza from her beautiful face to her beautiful butt. In between, she has fantastic nipples and is another one of Catherine's "real" women. Luiza's hair is equally eye catching be it long and loose or severely pulled back! Thank you very much Catherine for another great set, you two work well together.

Thanks Baggy36Pants) Luiza very harmonous. It has very beautiful and distinguished face. Thank you, both of us very much tried)

Grisial by Catherine

Same comments as on Stabulo few minutes ago. Please see it.
Luiza is a gorgeous girl. I like everything in her body. I love her long legs and curvy ass. Good set and excellent work by both of you.
Catherine, where is the close up of Luiza’s Pussy??
Catherine your work is preventing you from replying to ypur mail.
Give Luiza my regards and excellent work by both of you

Hi kkronful) Thank you for a praise of our work. It was very pleasant to me to read your comment. I will surely pass Luiza your words.

you did not reply to my comments, my dear Catherine

Catherine, where is the close up of Luiza’s Pussy??
Catherine your work is preventing you from replying to your mail.
read comments on Stabulo

i love you and your excellent perfect work. i love ALL your models

Hi kkronful) Today the whole day it is raining and at me was formed one more interval in work. Probably, I will make new work with Luiza and I will surely consider your wishes.

Exciting hard nipples, sweet face, and tight, smooth rear. Very suave!

Hi Myshkin) Luiza very sexual) Thanks for a response.

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