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Pic #72 - Feet of a goddess.

Delicious honey-like soles served with sweet berries. :). Yum!

i dont know how do say in diffrent words. her pussy is is so beautiful like her face.

Both are equally beautiful, delightful.

Macy is an all time favorite!!! I think Macy is a truly AMAZING model and I am always glad to see her work when she appears here. She just completely rocks.

But this set proves that not all photographers know what to do when presented with such an amazing woman. This model never disappoints, but this set is not an example of how to pose such a woman when you have the chance. Most shots in this set do not show us Macy from points of view which present her countless charms at their best.

Decent pictures but WAY over played with the Tilt shift and DOF manipulation. It isn't adding to the pics of a lovely lady. Heavy handed.

Beautiful girl and a really lovely girl. Thank you.

This girl is HOT! The poses are great, background, but the pics are grainy!

Why can't all pic sets have clear sharp detailed photos of these gorgeous women?

Grainy is not really the right term, but I get what you are saying. In many of the shots, the light is too diffused, so it looks a bit "flat", making the digital noise (the equivalent of film grain) more noticeable. Lighting here is sort of the opposite of the hard light I was complaining about a few days ago. At least Arkisi tries different things, and there's no shortage of critics out here to say if they like it or don't. What you DO hear is that we all adore Macy!

Arkisi offers us a set exemplary, perfect.
Around the beautiful Macy few things.
A white wall, a bright color (red bolero) and a curious object (clock). Perfect.
Macy uninhibited opens the casket of her jewelry of woman. Perfect.
Macy 10+ - Arkidi 10+

Casket? Odd choice of words...

Perhaps gaetano was thinking of "locket" ?
However, "casket" does not necessarily HAVE to refer to the box one is buried in... I think, at least in older usages, it could refer to just about any box.

I mean safe or strong box.
In Italian “scrigno” is the little box where the jewelers put the jewelry.
Google translates “scrigno” as cascket, chest or coffer.
Perhaps I should say coffer.

I mean safe or strong box.
In Italian “scrigno” is the little box where the jewelers put the jewelry.
Google translates “scrigno” as cascket, chest or coffer.
Perhaps I should say coffer

We are seeing out the month with the lovely Macy, you really know how to spoil us Met. Great set by the way.

Rhetorical question---Is there anything about Macy that isn't absolute perfection? Don't bother to answer because I won't listen if you have anything less than raves for her. This woman is my dream girl. Every little detail is perfect for me. Absolutely amazing face, eyes, and smile. Amazing breasts and the cleanest little labia I could ever ask for all topped off by the most desirable body I have ever seen. An artist or sculptor could spend a lifetime and never capture what Arkisi does with his camera. Dressed outdoors she is every bit as spectacular as she is naked. I fell like a rock for this magnificent woman the first time I saw her and through all 12 of her sets here and the ones on other Met sites I have never seen one thing to change that in any way. There are beauties galore on Metart but there is only one Macy and I will be forever grateful that she allowed us to see and share her amazing gifts.

Well said, Hipshot. Macy is also my dream girl too. She has raised the bar for the stunning beauty factor of all of the Met-Art girls. I can't wait to see another set of photos of this amazing lady.

hipshot, I share your enthusiasm and praise for the lovely young Macy on all points. Most excellent set. I expected no less from Arkisi.

Damn, I didn't realize you could, almost, be as long winded as moi. As usual an eloquent affirmation of one of your favs.

Yes, but do you thing she's pretty?


Good to see you back to "work". Does the Ukrainian government have you tracking their girls.

No, but they would if they had any sense.

For so long, Ukraine was just another region on the RISK game board to me ... little did I know the arsenal of secret weapons they had stockpiled, ready to unleash on an unsuspecting world. I'm lucky to live in an area with a very high rate of Ukrainian immigration ... please, let the invasion continue! Macy and her country-women bring something to the world it can't live without!

Nice way to start: a wonderful set of the delicious Macy, a high-ranking Ukrainian goddess. She's by turns sexy, cute, ultra feminine and adorable. I could kiss that perfect pussy for weeks at a time. Yum.

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