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Cutting edge, pushing the envelope, progressive creativity! I hope to see more like this. I think there are lots of ways to push this envelope of provocative sensuality that should be explored. BRAVO!

Some of the commentators on this set really do need to get a life.

I have no particular complaints about the model or the photography, but the girl has 9 sets -- only 2 shot indoors. It would be nice to see her in a bedroom once and a while.

She has done some incredibly sexy bedroom sets for other sites. Some, but not all by any means, would be outside of MetArt's self-imposed "decency" standards.... but the point is if she's on MetArt, she's gonna be in the water, next to the water or in a field somewhere. I don't get it. The numbers should be reversed - 7 indoors and an outdoor set once in a while for a change of pace.

I thought the suspender belt was distracting, liked her much better after she took it off. I loved the orchard, it is perfect for Mango's coloring.

I would be a very happy man to find Mango wandering around in my orchard wearing nothing but a suspender belt.

A real beauty with a lovely smile and superb tanned body...love her

Mango is so beautiful and sweet!!! What a dream girl!!!

Love Mango, but minus four points for 'obstructive props'... Here to see 'fauna' not 'flora'. 6! But Mango looks so good here, I have to give her the usual 10 for the set.

I'd have to take the middle ground here between rockhard and JimmyGeorge. I do like the creativity, especially #82 with the blossom coming out of her pussy. But... I would have liked to see similar closeups without the flower as well. Obstructive props, well okay, but throw us bone with some onobstructed shots as well. I do like Mango, her well-tanned body if perfect for these outdoor shoots.

Rockhard, I have a different opinion than yours but I do respect your point of view by all means. In my opinion, I find Vlad Kleverov creative in this set and I like creativity. I hope you will not take my reply as a negative one to your opinion!!!!

Well said rags25 !!

Not so sure about having the flower coming out of her vag like that, would prefer only seeing Mango petals.

Met-art doesn't allow the girls to touch their genitals, but Kleverov found a way around that and used another soft, pretty thing to touch her. Very subtly erotic, very creative. And admit it, Moon Doggie, you want to be that flower.

Moon Doggie as a female member i think Vlad Kleverov was meant to portay the flower coming out of Mango A's vagina as a beautiful petal of the ochird with Mango's own petal of her protuding labia lips and the hood of her clitoris i personaly think its a colourfull image but as they say "ones mans poison is another mans honey" my view on those photos cheers ;)

I agree with rags about the comparative value and beauty between the "flowers" and "petals". This is met-ART, not just nudity, and very erotic. Thank you Vlad Kleverov. I look forward to your next set.

Indeed, it is beautiful image.

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