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Very, very nice

Good first showing, not bashful as might be expected. Margarita is cute and perhaps will come back again, we hope.

Welcome to Margarita other glossy black pearl necklace MetArt.
Perhaps even a little clumsy, naked, you generously open to the gaze of admirers.
You are beautiful and we're waiting for another set.

Domenic Mayer has set up a setting dull and a bit sad.
The bed of this room of suburban hotel occupies almost entirely the frame with its dazzling white.
Margarita lying on the bed from the beginning to the end of the set looks like a paralytic.
The bed is the end of eroticism.

Domenic Mayer has given us many other works of elegant eroticism.
(Denisa B, Emilie A, Heicke A, Ilona C, G Michelle .... etc..).
This time he dozed.

Like most models, she's sexiest when she's not trying to be.

WOW! Like her namesake, this beauty is intoxicating!! Fantastic debut!
Beautiful girl! Great first set! More more more!!

Ponitail always works for me...this shoot was no exception.

Too bad she had those grizzly stockings on for the entire set.

Why Kanobione as a female member I found her wearing her stockings very sensual and there is some gorgeous shots of her wearing them :(

I agree rags... that's one reason I like Ingret's sets so much... s/he loves putting her/his models in stockings and garter belts... yummy!

Domenic Mayer could not have picked a better setting for Margarita C's sexy sensual debute series wearing nothing but a black G-string stockings beaded necklace around her neck totaly uninhibited in front of the camera as she never has posed naked in front of the camera.I loved the bedroom setting for her sexy sensual debute series.I love the way her sexy black G-string stockings clashes with the white linen of the bed i loved the way she displays her body in wonderfull sexy poses :( I simply adored image #9 with her kneeling on the bed her lovely her long hair in a pony tail her creamy white skin breasts just as the lovely close up of her per image #10 and #120 gently cupping a breast simply priceless shots of her.I adore the way she peels of her G-String revealing her vagina gorgeous pink labia lips going into some very sexy,sensual poses from having her legs spread wide open in different sexy pose from lying on her back and stomach as per images #122-#125 showing her sexy firm ass the lovely close up of her sexy ass in image #123 is simply priceless in my view just as the lovely close ups of close rear end shots of her bending over backwards her sexy firm ass high in the air the beaded neckless running down the cleft of her ass Domenic Mayer potrayed her very well from different angles within her sexy poses and close up shots of her lovely body Thank You Margarita A on a flawless debute series and Domenic Mayer on such a truely lovely set out of 139 images i did not find any flaws and Thank You MetArt for finding such a beautiful young model/woman she is truely "Flawless Beauty Meets Art" welcome to MetArt Margarita C I hope to see more of you in the future to come :( :(

Margarita is adorable, and endearingly uninhibited. I'd like to see many more sets of this delightful young lady.

Extraordinary debut! Very cute girl with an extreme lovely face.

Love the cheeky smile! (....as well as everything else!)

This young lady is beautiful. Such a precious, adorable and darling sweetheart. Margarita, welcome. Best wishes for a successful modeling career.

I would like to thank Margarita for sharing her beauty with us. She is very calm and confident for a seeming newcomer, and she is also very sweet and adorable looking. A wonderful debut.

Welcome to Met Art, please stay a long time!

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