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This photoset proves that it takes a woman, to capture the essence of another woman. It's not always hat you see, but, how you see it. And Catherine sees it. Great job.

Number 113. Al igual que una hermosa flor rosa! Con néctar dentro y goteo de ella pétalos! Ahora, eso es algunos hermoso arte! Fascinante!

Thanks)) you wrote very beautiful allegory.

Very sexy and pleasant. Next, Catherine should photograph Carla Bruni in much the same way, with her hair tied back, of course! Carla would look great in a lesbian set as well.

I would be very happy to work with Carla Bruni, when she was a model) But now she is very strict husband)))

...and would financially ruin You...maybe )

Great set. I like the varity of poses. I love the shots of the thighs and the legs leading to the model's pussy. Very erotic and the rest of the poses are erotic as well. Something about a lovely woman bending over when viewed from behine! :0

Thank you Catherine

Hi iluvsex)) Thanks for warm words)

Encore une fille désirable, touchante et à la fois sensible et fragile donc toujours des filles au top qui se donnent à fond- donc toujours un choix de filles judicieux

Thanks toto) Margo's a very graceful, her tall and slender body)

Excellent set of the gorgeous Margo!!! Lots of good poses in this one!!! Nice job by both photographer and model!!!

Thank you very much)) I am very pleased that You liked the photo shoot))

Awewsome model, incredibly beautiful, with gorgeous labia. Beautifully done - as only Catherine knows how. Amazing set.

Thanks Gary for your favor and appreciation of my work) And separate thanks for your support)

Very nice Catherine! Great "Australian Smile"...;o)

It is fine, time she smiled during shooting. Margo usually very serious))

Yes...she does appear to be a bit serious about her 'job', but I refer to her smile "down under" ('Australian smile'...)...;o) Beautiful body! Pretty face that should be smiling also...

Yes, Margo know their value. And probably knows the price of your smile))

Meet the new set, same as the old set. I hate to disagree with my esteemed colleagues, but this gallery could have been tacked onto the end of the previous one and no one would have noticed. Margo is a beautiful girl: let's see some new ideas. For starters, Get. Off. The. Bed.

Oh dear Chicago you are a minority of 1 - I think. This is an exceptional set with a great dealof variety in the poses - superb, well done Margo and Catherine for getting Margo to appear so relaxed with her extreme sexuality.


Hi Chicago Painter) I am sorry that this photoset made on you such impression. For Margo it there was the second photoset in her life. I probably would tell that she started feeling more surely from this photoset. I will try to make in the future something more interesting)

Did't You notice the plants, the different coloring, area, some new facial expressions... and last but not least the absence of the bow tie which hid her beautiful neck in set 1 ? Count Dracula would really miss the second one. So did I.

))) Oh, how sorry I am Dracula))


Very successful set; model, lighting, background and good photography. Somehow, all your models have something in common. Just by looking at the model we can guess that Catherine is behind the camera. Is it you who look for the model? do you have any criteria in choosing the model? Anyway, it is a great choice and I enjoy all your sets without any exception. Congratulations!

Hi JimmyGeorge)) Models my assistant recruits. Selection criteria of girls - good hair, clean skin, good addition of a body, flexibility. Then during shooting of model you explain its role as she needs to behave and what to do. You prepare it for that role which it will need to execute. Thanks a lot for an appreciation of my work)

Thank you so much Catherine for the clarifications. As I said earlier just by looking at the model we can see Catherine. This is your style, this is your signature, I love it.

Hi JimmyGeorge) I really like Your words about my style) I like it)

My comment on this set is well known. Catherine is not only a great photographer, SHE IS THE GREATEST. I will always follow her work. There are only two photographers I grade as 10. One is Catherine, of course, the other is Erro. There are two photographers I grade as a big zero, one is Goncharov. Rylsky I grade him as three.
I am a very old member of Met Art, Met models, and new to sex art. I have my taste in nude phography.
Margo B is a gorgeous model. The beauty of her body is emphasized by the talented photographer wo guide her model to the beautiful poses.
I am only sorry because Catherine is neglecting my request to give me her website where I can follow her work and find her full biography and your portfolio

Hi kkronful. When you so highly appreciate me, you give me advance payment which I need to deserve still. Thank you) A Met-Art planned to start the website with mine work but when it will occur, I don't know. In this question a lot of things depend on me not. You somehow fill up to me a question of my biography in day of exposure of a photoset with Susana C model 17.04.2013. I wrote about myself, I thought that you read the answer) If you don't find that our correspondence, it will be pleasant to me to repeat it. Thank you that you equated me to the photographer of Erro. Very much it is pleasant to me as it works. Goncharov has many interesting works, he uses very flexible models. Thank you for such warm response)

i read it. you said:

"I tried myself as model that will plunge into that condition which tests model in operating time"

please please please put some shots of you as a model. are you shy to publish nthem. i suspect that

i need a more detaile biography of Catherine the photographer and model

It seems to me, area of reviews of a photoset not absolutely pertinent territory for the detailed story about itself. I think that a mailbox - more convenient territory for writing of answers to your questions (catherine1984kazan@yandex.ru)


i want to communicate with you. i knew you are Russian. my email is kkronful@yahoo.com.
sorry i could use catherine1984kazan@yandex.ru

This is a wonderful shoot by an exceptional photographer. Catherine has truly captured Margo's beauty in such a casual fashion. The model wearing a ponytail seems to be Catherine's signature... I love it.

I want to admit to me very much the horse tail is pleasant) I try to use often it in shooting as he allows to open a neck and does the head of more graceful. But I in life seldom carry a horse tail)) Thanks for your recognition))

Great shots - classic "Catherine" - just watch your model's skin-tone - it not very natural, otherwise near perfect!

Thanks a lot) I will try to trace more attentively tones of skin in the future. I thank you for your response))

This is a delicious blend of pussy, rear and facial shots.
Catherine, you are now my number one. Love you .x

Thanks, thanks)) is very pleasant to me)))

Catherine, this is truly outstanding photography. That amazing portrait shot in 50 is worth the price of admission. Great job! And Margo, you are SO lovely!

Hi Myshkin) It is very pleasant to me to read your responses. Thank you for such relation to my work. Very much I Hope not to disappoint you further. I will try))

Catherine, what was Margo's mood when you snapped photo 50? I can't tell is she's angry or relaxed.

) ) Margo has a serious mimicry. When she starts something speaking she changes. Probably, its gravity generated this look which you see.

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