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Marta is one of my favorite girls. She really has a spectacular pair of breasts and it is wonderful to see her full-frontal nude but we are missing out on enjoying her rear view. Could the next photographer please coax Marta to get down on her hands and knees, put her bottom in the air, spread her legs a little and let him take some pictures of her delightful bottom and pussy, preferably with Marta looking back over her shoulder and giving us her lovely smile.

Perhaps not in a poplar grove.

In all due respect to our lovely woman, I must cast my lot with those whom believe she has much more potencial than that photographed. If patience will pervail, great and exciting results should be forthcoming.

I just want to see her spread her legs for us....

Thank you Matiss for not cluttering up those beautiful breasts with a necklace!

If Matiss could shoot Marta like he does Violla, I would have liked this set much better. Both are voluptuous and look great outdoors, but of course there are different personalities. Perhaps Marta's preferences are what makes this as pretty much standing-only poses set. Let me tell you, she has nothing to be shy about. Other than the limited and repetitive poses, this is a good set of Marta. The photography is solid, just needs to mix it up to make it more interesting.

Marta is an absolutely beautiful outdoor mode. Matiss has remembered that watching a beautiful girl's pants head south is a favorite spectator sport around Met.I do wish Marta would groom less but that's her decision. I gave Marta and Matiss both a 10 ++

Oh, Marta, you are probably loyal but IMO if you found Catherine, or Deltagamma we all would get the set we are begging for. Give it a thought!

Marta gets a 10, the picture taker gets a 0 (129 photos, 15 of which were worth saving).

I find that in most cases, only a few shots are worth saving. In fact in most cases none of the photos are worth saving.

I'm not crazy about this guy either, but he can only shoot what she gives him to shoot.

Marta has awesome beauty, pretty face, shapely body, perfect skin and unbelievable breasts.


Roger that !

The babe gets a "10"...the photog doesn't.

Not enough butt shots. Just because this girl has amazing tits doesn't mean you can neglect le posterieur!

There was a lot that was neglected in this set. I'm still hoping to see it some day...

Everything is perfect Marta--don't change a thing!...I'd only ask for the same thing that Sailor mentioned--a little more reveal of that perfect pussy!

I agree, but she has inner lips that like to hide. A little coaxing would be nice, we would all like to see more down there.

Boring poses

word. let us see all of her amazing body.

Exquisite breasts - beautiful babe - 10!!

Marta is so beautiful, I don't know where to start my comment(s).

For this gallery I will say that Marta's breasts are spectacular, her camel toe is admirable, and her bubble butt is championship quality!

Matiss: a few suggestions / requests just in case you review the comments. Have you considered trying some full length pictures of Marta taken from behind? I believe the results would be extremely appealing. Secondly, I prefer to see the entire model rather than awkwardly cropped pictures, or large portions of the model hidden (in this case by grass) from view. This applies to both indoor and outdoor galleries.

The above submitted for your consideration and with respect.

The splendor is in the grass.

All photographers should remember to bring a lawnmower along.

They will usually forget whole body shots from behind.

Please give us Marta unshaven or at least trimmed.

Her slick look was one of few things positive about the shoot.

A whole lot of solid genuine, authentic, womanhood. Marta is absolutely beautiful and amazingly sexy. Absolutely gorgeous! An incredible feminine figure. This seems to be classic Matiss, outdoors location with large breasted models.

The wonderful Marta has visited Matiss in his woodland lair and given us a glimpse of Paradise. IMO, this is her best set to date. She is still too shy to open her legs for us, but what she does share is just astonishing in its beauty. She is a goddess, and 10 is far too low a score.

Here, here!

Here, here!

Beautiful! but another one of Matiss's Boring Shoots what a waste...

Cups and kisses each perfect breast in turn ... watches them gently sway. Hmmm ......

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