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maybe Mr. Mantiss should be reminded again about photography in Met-Art.

Marta my dear,look what you´ve done.

The seller


19 and 20 through the leaves: just beautiful. Also why horizontal is better.

60: A winning photo of a winning face. I almost forgot about the top of the head.

The red and blue paisley tunic well flatters our model against the background. Our photographer was kind enough to make good use of it. It wasn't tossed abruptly, and provided some color even when it was off.

The variety of poses leaves some important questions. What would happen with a little lean this way? With a stretch that way? Or with a reach for that ribbon up on that branch? And is that a shiny coin on the ground?

You point out the lack of variety in poses in such a refreshing suggestive manner. I should strive to achieve such diplomatic skills, but alas, I will be blunt today and say that diversity in posing is something lacking very much in this set.

Matiss has this ability within him - the sets of Violla (one of my favorites)do not exhibit this diminished degree of creativity.

At least there will be more than 4 people who know wtf you're talking about. Bluntness has benefits

Excellent. 10+. Erotic, sensual, and very sexy,

This set really doesnt showcase this beautiful woman's talents. Take her inside, put her in some fiendishly flimsy feminine lingerie, or just a pair of killer stockings and let her shine. Marta is so gorgeous, but here she is overexposed and not in a good way.

Matiss, thou art a lucky man!

Marta is a beautiful woman!

I appreciate her: eyebrows and eyes, super shapely breasts, occasional love handles, large areolae, all to infrequently seen plump rump, and endearing smile.

Happy in The Great White North.

I second the too infrequently seen part.

Marta is as beautiful as any model. The only problem with this set is the lighting. Outdoor light is superior but it is trickier, and these shots are overexposed. I suggest waiting until evening for better shadow and contrast and better views of the skin.

I agree with this totally - this has been mentioned previously as well. The lack of saturation in most of the photos spoil them for me. I would also like to see more spontaneity in the poses. I also think that she needs to stand straighter when facing the camera. She is a tall, beautiful woman and she should be proud of that and not slouch.

Corn fed version of Amanda Knox.

Corn fed?

According to common lore, apparently midwestern (hence the "corn fed") women are generously proportioned because they all work on farms and are fed well.

I should have said: Excuse me? Corn fed? There's maters in the summer. Squirrel sumtimes. Ground hog -first ye boil it, then ye bake it. In a good year, there's fruit pickin' way down yonder in the paw paw patch. It's not all about the corn. There's soybeans, too. (At $14 a bushel, plenty of farmers can buy caviar.)

Now you're talking about southern girls, Mag. ( ;
(At least, your affected dialect sure ain't midwestern, I know of what I speak... )

Inflection inferred was not intended. Nor drawl nor diphthong. ings without g's are more common than strings with them.
Original settlement of Indiana was largely from SC. The influence of Kentucky (Louisville!) reaches into Ohio. West Virginia jugs Ohio for quite a distance. Southern Illinois has plenty of Southern. Southern went up river Missouri all the way to Iowa and Kansas. Southeast Iowa wasn't going to escape..........

Whoops. Back to the point. That's a naughty nipple in 114.



Oh, most of Illinois ~ exclusive of Chicagoland ~ is southern in culture, no doubt of that. I guess that, since I live in Wisconsin, when I think "Midwestern" I think NORTHERN midwestern, or approximately Chicago North. ( :
Your point is valid, however... I stand corrected.

Come on guys, very pretty model but the set is simply LAME and BORING.

This model ,although pretty, is lame. Someone needs to tell her what type of sight she's on. Seems to me that out of her 5 photo shoots there isn't one truely erotic shot in the bunch !!

The 20+ shots of Marta getting undressed were nice. This set had the potential to be a 10 with the great portrait shots, but too many had the top of Marta's head cut off.

I've gotten to the point where I won't even look at a Matiss set because I know it's not going to be worth my time... His last several sets have just been a big zero for me.

You promise? No lookin while scrollin? No eensy teensy itsy bitsy peek? Cuz if you did, yur in sooooooo much trouble.

Well done! Matiss is obviously a photographer who knows how to take snaps of a woman undressing PROPERLY, unlike that wanker Rylsky. What a cock he is.

And Marta looks amazing...wawaweewa!

....that wanker..a cock he is.
Can a cock wank itself?
Did I miss something? Is this comment some clever allusion to something I missed?

A touch of Tourette's, mayhap?

photo 105 is cool because it kind of reminds me of an artistic figure painting.

and photo 90 is another 10, captured her beauty perfectly there.

Ohhhh Marta... how I long for a sweet, intimate indoors set in a bedroom... ( :

probably just wishful thinking, but I'll throw in my approval as well...

fer_realz - Looking back at Marta's previous sets, it appears that her first three are indoors. 50% is a rather high indoor percentage for Matiss, but it doesn't change my support on your comment, emphasis on intimate.

Good point ~ on the one hand, I really should research before proposing a request like that.
On the other hand ~ she's so gorgeous and her outdoors sets ~ while beautiful ~ just aren't as intimate as I'd like to see with her... ( :

I second the motion for an indoor bedroom set with Marta..

Would you settle for a bed outdoors?

I suppose, as long as the lighting isn't as harsh as in this set ~ perhaps with a canopy overhead to cut the glare? I could live with that.
In fact now that you mention it, Catherine has done several really nice outdoors sets along that line. ( :

What an incredible figure. Absolutely amazing. Marta is stunning.

I would love to visit Ukraine. Beautiful women, grand and splendid countryside, magnificent architecture and it would be wonderful to see the people build a modern successful democracy.

How long did you plan to stay?

I am in a wheelchair, I am not going anywhere. My days of traveling the world are behind me. Tourist dollars would help Ukraine's economy.

I'd be happy to push backwards onto the plane.


I could look at Marta all day long, what a gorgeous beauty. I would prefer to see her indoors and away from such harsh lighting however and a few more spread leg shots would be terrific, she does have an absolutely magnificent vagina.

Beautiful face, pretty blue eyes, and a warm smile. OOOO. MAtiss, give her more ...
I want to see you MARTA every day. Fantastic!

Marta is the essence of the vibrancy and beauty of youth.

Looking lovely Marta!

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