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Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Maxa

Members Comments (24)


mincer 1 month ago

With Maxa arriving November 2017, I was hoping for a Maxa/Paramov set for Halloween 2018.....


Bb1599Aa 4 months ago

Please, Please, More with Videos...Please!


Leslove 6 months ago

If you haven't done it already we need her on a every month contract. And find her a friend, preferably female.


dArtagnan 7 months ago

What an absolute goddess! More, please!


tessio 8 months ago

MORE ! Pleases where have you gone?


Bored1 8 months ago

All these ratings for the last few years are meaningless, it's become such a glad hand "everyone's a winner" circle jerk here that there's no reality, no one has a single opinion that isn't just sunshine nonsense.


Yerff 8 months ago

I'm bored with a lot of the sets too, it's just that if a don't like a set I simply move on and leave it to those that do like it. Cheers


Chris13 8 months ago

Can we have videos with her, please! She´s a dream come true!


GoddessLover 8 months ago

She's amazzzing! Stole my heart faster than she got me aroused.....


VictorDj4 9 months ago

Right now - March 18 2018 - members have chosen Maxa as their favorite nude girl with a score of 9.33!

Keep taking your clothes off Maxa, if possible in front of a photographer. It's always a delight to see you having fun in the birthday suit!


Erotic art expert. 10 months ago

Thanks for the really good work. All sets are professionally made. MY SPECIAL THATNKS GOES TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NOT OVERUSING OF VAGINA'S CLOSE UP. That's very important. The model should be photographed variously and comprehensively. The whole body should be shown, not genitals only. It is really important to remember that a woman is not her vagina only.


SeverinNv 1 month ago

Overusing of vag close ups? I don't see any so i have to totally disagree with you. If there are too many for you just move on, but there should be some to satisfy all preferences. I'd rather see this gorgeous model with other photographers.


VictorDj4 9 months ago

That is true, it might be one of the reasons why she is currently ranked N°1.

I have mixed feelings about the close-up of genitals. I have to admit that - if used well - they arouse me a lot - prior to my MetArt membership this was not so much the case.

However you can't deny that when it's overused it
a) loses it's effect;
b) and it's lazy photography as well (especially if the photographer uses a continuous shutter and simply asks the model to move a bit)

Having said that: vagina's and anuses can look quite delicious. So I wouldn't want to lose the close-ups.

And having said that again: full body shots where the naked model is just walking around in a room or in nature, can be a huge turn-on for me as well.


Benjy 7 months ago

What you just said, Victor, might be condensed to: "Mix it up." I think we ALL want a good variety of shots, of all kinds. Having said that, Paromov, please!! Enough, already with Maxa sitting on a fancy chair in a high-end hotel room. Look at your cover shots of Maxa: they're almost ALL the same.


Gassmeyer 11 months ago

Gorgeous model, beautifully presented. I first noticed Maxa on Domai and Goddessnudes as Saloma (somehow missed her on MetArt, must not be paying attention!) and immediately felt this was a future star. Maxa has a unique mix of shyness and inhibition that she allows to sneak out in the most endearing fashion. I love the way she is presented in all her sets, with beauty and care and subtlety. I'll be returning to these sets often and look forward to many more in 2018.


andy500 12 months ago

10+ nice natural girl


10 Quest 12 months ago

Tall n' tasty


Roger 1 year agoLifetime member

Wonderful Russian Angel with this angelic face and a killer body to die for!!! Welcome Maxa on MA...♥ ♥ ♥


Nick101 1 year ago

Looks like a lovely model and I think has a nice pussy too - lovely large labia - but we don't get to see the pussy nor labia properly - that's a bit daft. Very poor work from the photographer.


James3rdm 1 year ago

The perfect woman! Phenomenal, one of the best if not the best woman ever photographed on Metart.


Kris 1 year ago

More Maxa please. She is a 10.


leslove 1 year ago

This woman is first class and I can't wait for the day when she finds a friend to share each photo with. What a body and what a great face. Love you baby.


Bb1599Aa 1 year ago

Beautiful ....I hope she has some Video and appears on your many sites....More more more


beetle 1 year ago

An angel's face. Long brown hair and blue eyes, a lovely smile and smooth facial features. Just beautiful.
But Maxa offers a lot more. A slim body with curves in the right places: The breasts are medium-sized and perfectly formed. The butt is round like a full moon. But also soft and sexy. I want theses buttocks as a pillow for me.
Long legs and beautiful feet show: Here is a future top model.

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