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Sexiest model at Metart! Something so erotic about a woman that hot sweating under her armpits!

A 20+ (and not 10 !) for Picture 30 (or 31): this big close-up on what must be a DELIGHTFUL pussy, makes me feel like plunging into it and
licking it all night while she moans softly...
As for the panties,OF COURSE i'd ask for permission to keep them for ma as a souvenir of that heavenly fragrance !

Thank you, Melena,and Congratulations, Mr Sironi ..

Melena is incredible, the epitome of cuteness and she looks like a bundle of energy. Her effervescence shows in ever pose she does. I love her big brown eyes and her sweet expressions.

Alex Sironi I am just discovering your work and I am truly enjoying your shoots. Great poses, angles, lighting and you seem to capture the models in such a natural state.

Thank you Melena and Alex, great gallery!

It's always a great day when we get another set of the gorgeous, delicious, and sassy little Melena!

Had this set been with her being barefoot then it would have been top notch. Those heels just aren't sexy.

hi heels are sexy. i like them. but, they should be taken of after fey shots to reveal the model's feet and toes

Occasionally I forget just how beautiful Melena is. This set just reminded me, but good lord....burn those clown shoes!! Nice set other than those god-awful things!!

I don't remember which of Melena's numerous physical treasures I have complimented and which I haven't. So, I'll just say she has many, and seeing them makes me happy!

This model is beautiful. She has a tattoo on her right pelvic area that has been removed with Photoshop - thank you! I wonder what the real names of the models are. Here this model is called Melena. On another HQ site she is Tara.

The tattoo is less offensive than the visual impact of orange shoes with setting.

One of few issues on which you and I part ways... ( :

Removing the girl's tattoos is the equivalent of lying to us! If 'they' think tattoos are offensive, they shouldn't accept photos of models that have them!

Cuz sites like this one are all about the truth, never about fantasy.

It's just a small change to make the girl look her absolute best for the greatest number of viewers. No different from using make-up and flattering lighting. The number of guys who honestly think tats are an improvement is so small that removing them really isn't the kind of "lie" worth worrying about.

Nobody is saying that they are an "improvement"! What I said, in case you didn't understand, is that removing them is presenting a model to us that has been "censored"! That may be the "policy" of the site, but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.

The names are never real, They are screen names to protect the girls from the freaks of the world. They seldom carry from site to site because they may conflict with another already established model on that site. Not to mention they want you to think she is an exclusive to their site. Whatever name they give her she is still a doll and that awesome personality comes through.

Whatever the intended purpose, multiple names reduce the ability of our models to promote their own image. Sort of the opposite of brand management. It is probably a decent indication of status and relative negotiating power. In such a situation a functioning market should give rise to agency (which of course has its own problems.....). While one name could mask identity, it seems to me that multiple names could be devaluing. I am sure that most consumers of soft porn don't care, but I suspect most of us hope we are not participating in something harmful.

Beautiful girl, love her totally uninhibited posing, I'll bet sex with her would be incredibly, no holes barred, anything goes.....

Having seen all four of Monday morning's sets, I see a theme; all 4 feature tall, leggy beauties with gorgeous bottoms.
K, I see what you did... ( ;

Stunning girl, I love how confidently she displays herself.

Damn! Another stellar day for K! 4 for 4 again!

Pretty in pink! that's Meleana with her dark complexion, lovely brown hair and deep brown eyes she could vex any guy. Strictly speaking it looks as if she already has. That's a pretty nice sparkler she is sporting on her left hand. Lucky guy! I love this happy and playful little wench. She bewitched me early on and I'm always happy to see that smiling face and exquisite body. At 5'7" and 115 lbs there ain't no fat on this sweet athletic young thing. Another fine set for my growing collection.

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