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Melisa C

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


Member Rating based on 2491 ratings

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RichC 2 months ago

I bumped her rating after I saw her last set. Beautiful all over, but lovely pussy!


mcpat 8 months ago

Lots of her on DOMAI, EB. and GN. Look up Anastasya


face n butt 3 years ago

what an amazing blonde! beautful face, love ass and tight pink butthole and great boobs! WOW!!!!


pete2 4 years ago

a +


Tomcat8229 5 years ago

To all the members who are fans of a voluptuous butt (i.e. Jenni A, Kloe Kane, Hannah B):

Have a look at photo# 107 (11th from the end) of Melisa's first gallery, "Presenting Melisa". This is the kind of picture that makes me drool! The wonderful roundness, smoothness and fullness of those magnificent cheeks would turn an old man with erectile dysfunction into a teenager with a perpetual hard-on!

Why Tony Murano didn't see these qualities in Melisa's ass is beyond my comprehension. He had four galleries to realize this, but ignored the opportunity to capitalize on this amazing feature. Melisa should've stuck with Goncharov. However, I guess we'll never know what other arousing visions Mr. G might have come up with for Melisa, will we.


RichC 2 months ago

Thanks Tomcat. I kind of blew through her first set. Amazing!


Pete86 5 years ago

What Happened to Melisa C ?