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Mia B

Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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EzyJ 1 year ago

There must be something in the water in Ukraine - lots of beautiful big-chested ladies!


Photoman1970 4 years ago

As an avid photographer, I find it's harder and harder to find models willing to do nude photos, such as the likes of Mia. She is one of the top models on my list. She has the most amazing blue eyes, and an awesome voluptuous figure! There should be more models like her out there...


BadSkier 4 years ago

First, I'd like to say that I've been very pleased with the quality of the models, and the pictures of them. Except for the few photographers that can't seem to get the focus, and/or focus position, right. Not many of those, and mostly on older photos. Second, I'd like to almost BEG for you to talk Mia B into coming out of "retirement." I realize that she hasn't posed since sometime in 2010, and that she's reached an age that most people would say that her "Shelf-life" has passed, but I'd really like to see her again.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings.


snoopy 4 years ago

This model is very sexy ...She have only 4 sets :/ not good...
I WANT more of her!
Mia you back :)


pacman 4 years ago

Don't call her chubby, She is a real woman.


JR86 2 years ago

Very true, would love to see more of her.


BadSkier 4 years ago

I couldn't have said it better myself. A starving model only makes a good story to tell children.


I Like Her 4 years ago

What a beautiful blue eyed brunette.I find her to be very appealing and oh those eyes!I hope she is safe and happy.