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Milania A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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rachsback 5 years ago

This is the Russian "Goldie Hawn"! With just as gorgeous an ass!! LOL
Please come back to us Milania.... We love you!!!


Rich 6 years ago

Milania is a Freedom Loving, uninhibited, natural young lady who likes to perform for the camera. And she did in Alex's first set. Then the retarded old grandma stamped her petulant little foot and said "No More!" What is her problem? She really does need to get a life!! Met-Art is rapidly becoming a General Exhibition, family oriented site where all nudity will soon be lost.
I really getting sick of the petulance of the mods here who are restricting what is allowable here. Your models for the most part are absolutely remarkable, enjoy their work, surroundings and the people they're working with. If they're that relaxed, and they get a bit excited, SO WHAT? I'm not interested in women pretending (badly) to be lesbians, and the only dick I want to see in a pussy is mine.
Let Met-Art do what it set out to do, bringing models and photographers together and having fun!!
Sorry I used this forum to express my opinions, but there is nowhere else!!


rachsback 5 years ago

Not sure what you're "expressing your opinion" about rich, but it's a year later and nudity is alive and well here at MA. I just wish that Milania was still here too...:o( I hope she is "returning" with the release of 'Salamanderosa' over on RA, but not holding my breath. He probably had a set in his files that he never submitted to MA. Such a shame if she has retired...or gone elsewhere.

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