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so hot and young!

Milena is very hot,but don't forget that a lot of that lies in what Mr Latica chooses to show via how he poses her. Don't forget, Milena is one of those models who refuse to work fully nude with any other photographer,and this can cause problems. I mean look at how great Lizel A's sets are since she has taken to working with other photographers besides Georg Shoes.

  • 4 years ago:

If there would be a “Milena-Art” website, I would join right away ;)

milena is fucking amazing a absolute sex goddess why is it impossible to get this perfect woman in a movie on this site or sexart lorena b has been in 10 movies in the last fucking 3 months and don't get me wrong she is perfection herself but I am dying to see milena in action its ridiculous

spanky, Milena does have two vids here on MA... I suspect what you meant to say was "more movies" -- ?

Dont like the hairy look on her , spoils her beauty :(

Milena is is one of my favorite models, and hope she continues her association - but for God's sake I hope she changes her her shooter to a photographer who will do her justice.
Nothing blackens my day more or quicker than blurry, out-of-focus B/S that destroys her true beauty. And that is all Latika has succeeded in doing.

Adomavoi81 is right. Latika is one of a few shooters who can turn Gold to shit, and he's done it deliberately.

Thanks Latika for giving us 21 megapixels of smudged, blurry, photoshopped crap. You're one of a handful of photographers who are able to turn a golden model into a set of leaden blurriness.

HEAR FUCKING HEAR!!!!! This set is atrocious for the out-of-focus CRAP he has submitted!! A truly beautiful model spat on by her shooter.

Beautiful location.

Any location that Milena choses, becomes a beautiful location.

Milena is a goddess and I love her unshaved! Unfortunately this set hides her assets. Her hairy underarms are sexy but hidden in almost every shot, and her ass and pussy are not shown enough either.

My GAWD, what a GREAT erotic model she is!

Just a powerhouse of erotic femininity and sexuality.

The long hair, the fabrics and ribbons, the coy expressions and most importantly the pubic hair....

Milena is a genius at presenting erotic femininity.

Seriously, Milena... you are a genius at being feminine.

you need to shave again...must better looking that we and lose the Canon and get a real camera

I think it's fair to say that MetArt's sex princess has graduated to goddess.
Bet you can't tell I'm a huge fan. ( :

...wouldn't you just love to be Mr. Latika?

I would like to see more photo sets shot by Leonardo.
This extraordinary beauty deserves just the best photographer.

Not wrong there Myshkin, I have the exact same camera and it works a treat. I think you may have started a camera war of words. Remember Chaps, each to their own.

Every day sweeter this Sladkaja:-) Kisses Milenschka...

As awesome and beautiful as always.

The bush is back !! :-)
Please, don't shave ever again .

Don't forget the legs and pits! :)

I think Milena is sexy shaved... and even more so unshaven.

Milena is flat out gorgeous! Her out and about panties look very sexy.

Hear hear, Baggy36Pants! I'd love to see more from that part of the shoot!

... in addition to everything else, she shoots Canon! What more could we ask?

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