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Finland Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Milliki

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Dreadnought66 4 months ago

The girl NEVER put on a pair of HEELS !!!


Rumpel Stiltzkin 3 years ago

Milliki and Albert V. have hit 9 home runs in a row !~!~!

The focus is overall excellent and the subject i perfect !!!

Milliki, I really appreciate the consistent number shots in every set that include your beautiful face (and smile) looking into the camera as you openly share your generous frontal attributes. Even when Albert tries to focus on your sweet butt you are trying to look to the camera.

The number of intimate and close up shots is also very well done. Not that I don't the intimate closes of feminine beauty . . .

Somehow when the lady shows her full frontal, shaved and perky attributes accented with a wonderful smile on a cute face - that is what I enjoy.

I notice that it has been 6 months since you and Albert posted a set !! I HOPE YOU ARE NOT LEAVING US, I look forward to another beautiful set where you share your smile and your feminine beauty in the same frame soon . ! . ! . !


Yorkhesan 3 3 years ago

How long do we have to wait for her videos?


Gustav 4 years ago

REALLY nice girl, unfortunately all her sets are repetitive. I'd say they are absolutely same. You watched one of them - you watched all of them. The photographer really needs to work on the variety.


hipshot131 3 years ago

Easy explanation same photographer every time


_fer_realz_ 4 years ago

Instead of Milliki, they should have named her "Yummi"! ( :


confusedone15 4 years ago

Who doesn't she have a score below 9? In my opinion she is one of the most beautiful girls on Met Art. Look at that face.


hipshot131 3 years ago

By todays standards 9.04 is damn good. I have seen very few scores above 9 lately


mattdillion 4 years agoLifetime member

big ten from me


_fer_realz_ 4 years ago

I totally agree...


Josef 3 years ago

Some people on here are way too critical. Those same people probably wouldn't know how to please a woman if they had all night to figure it out.


Wooddoc 4 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous! She's the whole package, top model!


6.5x55SwM 4 years ago

Only you can know Milliki, what your thoughts and intentions were with each pose. The exspections from each photo give delight; hope to view you more...


rainnwynd 4 years agoLifetime member

Cute girl. Nice premiere!


rachsback 4 years ago

A beautiful Viking Goddess! Looking for a long and close relationship, with LOTS of pictures...;o)


firepaul-xl5 4 years ago

Fantastic looking new model, very at ease with her legs wide apart.