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Latvia Age Debut: 21


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2 years ago

Mina you are very beautiful, and I love your sexy hot little body! Mmmmmmmmmm


The Great Valerio 2 years ago

The little factory somewhere in Latvia keeps cranking the babes out.


TQXIC 2 years ago

Never one to Comment Really but i will on this one, All i can say is one word, ( STUNNING ) The Photo work here is also done well, 9/10 for me nice work


doggleboon 2 years ago

Now, if Koenart would just get her out of the sand.


mchltxxx 2 years ago

I just wish there were competent photographers to capture the exquisite details of Mina's beauty, that we only get a teaser of.


BuDMan 2 years ago

Absolutely amazing! Even her headshot at the very top is absolutely perfect! I usually don't like the headshot from many of the models, even the models that are really beautiful in the photoshoots. But, Mina seems to be perfect every which way :-).


beetle 2 years ago

Perfect debut of a perfect young lady! Mina is a great new model from MetArt.
Mina has a sweet and sassy face with freckles. Simply to kiss. Her breasts are small but solid with dark nipples and dark Areoles. The butt is well formed and swings. The pussy is tender and soft. The legs are long and slender. What do you want more?


Michael1185 2 years ago

Mina is beautiful. She has a pretty face, really fine ass, and sweet titties.
Welcome, It's nice to see you!

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