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Miranda Trent

Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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HHHH 9 months ago

You are beautiful. I like your magic eyes.


HHHH 9 months ago

Set: Sep 21, 2016
Pic: #98


_fer_realz_ 9 months ago

Miranda's fans will want to know Flora has three films of her posted on ErroticaArchives. (:


beetle 9 months ago

A beautiful young woman. Brown hair, brown eyes and an intelligent beautiful face. Already at first glance Miranda is likable.
And the body is also perfect. Slim yet feminine. Small firm breasts. The areolas are very bright and hard to see. Thus, the solid pink nipples are particularly impressive clarity. Very erotic.
The butt, pussy and labia are incredibly sexy. The butt is round, the pussy wet and the labia full and dark.
The legs are very long and well shaped with narrow ankles. Thus, the soft feet to their best advantage.
Overall Miranda is beautiful and offers plenty of opportunity for more erotic photos.

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