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Monika Dee

Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Starfire 5 days ago

Love to see the hot sexy Monika Dee returning.
Your photo sets are AWESOME
Need more films please Monika.
xoxo Regulus.


Starfire 2 months ago

Very happy to have the sexy hot Monika Dee returning soon.
She looks better than ever. Awesome girl. Thanks, Monika. xoxo Regulus.


Starfire 3 months ago

Monika this looks to be your debut film on MetArt.
Should be awesome. Thanks, Regulus


seve 7 months ago

Is she Zelda B's younger sister?


lastoftheV8s 2 months ago

No. Zelda is a Russian and Monica is a Ukrainian.


Starfire 7 months ago

Awesome to have my super favorite Monika Dee returning.


WanderlustPeru 9 months ago

Awesome model. 👏
Wonderful!!! 💟💟💟
More sets please =D


Starfire 11 months ago

Love to see sweet Monika Dee returning.
Have been a loyal fan of hers from her debut set.
xoxo Regulus.


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

Amazingly beautiful lady❤❤❤


Art lover 1 1 year ago

I like the first and third sets of Monika Dee made by Fabrice. I am serious !
Camera work is quite professional.
First: color and light are natural. You can see every tiny hair on her body, every small pimple.
Second: the girl has been taken from different distances on all photos. Tiresome close up was not over used. All that make the sets quite various.
Unlike many camera men who are photographing nothing but vaginas and ass holes, Fabrice's work is creative and artistic. I call it pure eroticism.
My special thanx goes both to the girl and Fabrice.


Joe123 1 year ago

She's very beautiful and the cutest ever. Good luck to her modelling carreer!
Hope to see more galleries and videos of Monika.
A great addition for the website.


Starfire 1 year ago

My compliments Fabrice.
Incredible debut gallery with Monika Dee.
Thanks for helping Monika achieve her fabulous goal in modeling.
More galleries please with Monika.
Thanks, Regulus


beetle 1 year ago

Monica Dee is incredibly cute and seductive, erotic and desirable. Not only her face, her whole body crackles of eroticism. Premium breasts that are tapered. Perfect full moon. Juicy pussy. Nice legs and sexy feet. Everything of the finest and best.


Starfire 1 year ago

Hello Monika,
So happy to share your debut gallery with you today.
You are a beautiful all natural ink free young lady.
I have been your devoted fan from your very first gallery.
You are my dream come true. I am very appreciative of you modeling talent.
As your loyal fan you have my full loving support. Monika,you have a fabulous modeling career ahead of you. I will be here for you always. Please return often. See you again soon. I am Regulus !!.

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