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Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Nalina

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zone 2 weeks ago

This is on page 3, huh....Nalina is a hottie.


RodanV 10 months ago

Pure Sexy!


beetle 10 months ago

Unbelievably athletic model with supple joints. You can overlook almost the beauty of Nalina, because first you only see to the amazing body movements.
Nalinas face is so warm and tender and she got a sweet little turned-up nose. Simply delightful. She have beautifully shaped breasts and her nipples are cuddly. Her butt is small but solid. And her legs – wow – they are so long and slender. Breathtaking.


face n butt 11 months ago

cute babe with cute tight butt! nice


Timbini 11 months ago

Love seeing this girl. Looking forward to more.


DTSW 1 year ago

She is absolute perfection. So wish to see more shoots of her in the coming weeks.


RichC 1 year ago

Nalina is so cute, so tiny, so flexible; it's almost not fair she has wonderful breasts too. Stunning!
P.S. "Stuck" with Catherine? What a jackass!


SquashedMike 1 year ago



Neil 1 year ago

What a beautiful new model. Nalina is absolutely gorgeous. I have asked Catherine several times if she could find a model who was an accomplished ballerina and look who she found. This remarkably beautiful young woman is in perfect physical condition. She is in complete command of her magnificent body. Furthermore, Nalina has a beautifully sweet face. I hope we will see many more sets featuring this darling sweetheart. To the beautiful young woman known to us as Nalina, my very warm regards and best wishes. May you enjoy much happiness and success. You are wonderful.


face_lover 1 year ago

Graceful, beautiful and perfect lighting. Really cute face!


semajw 1 year ago

Too bad she was stuck working with Catherine!


Neil 1 year ago

You clearly do not know how MetArt works. Nalina was not "stuck" with Catherine. She was not assigned to work this Catherine. Catherine found her, hired her, booked a session with her, paid her and created the galleries (probably more than one). We probably would have never met Nalina without Catherine. Nalina is probably an 18 year old college freshman or sophomore. My guess is that she never thought of modeling until she met Catherine.


Arkie2 1 year ago

Jeeez... I sometimes wish I was "...stuck working with Catherine!".

Nice find Katya... hope you already or have planned, quite a few more sets with Nalina.


Beauty Admirer 1 year ago

Wow! An incredibly beautiful and perfectly toned young woman. What's not to like?