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Naomi Kiss

Latvia Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Naomi Kiss

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Erotic art expert. 1 week ago

Very cute model, close to be perfect. Unfortunately the photographer's work is way not that perfect. The photos are repetitive, the model's body is not shown completely due to overusing of close up. I recommend this girl to be taken by a professional camera man.


Barnie 3 months agoLifetime member

She heavenly sent perfect beauty


metlover 3 months ago

She is a perfect 10, absolutely gorgeous, beautiful face and smile, smoking hot body, and a spectacular bottom worthy of 5000 megapixel close ups


the_tdog 5 months ago

Looks like Naomi Kiss has moved on from stenography to using a typewriter. I wonder if we'll be treated to an entire set of her composing an email next time? Naomi is gorgeous, of course, but the props are distracting and not particularly sexy.


the_tdog 5 months ago

Oops, meant to post this in the comments of the "Samai" set.


Abby1599 5 months ago

Do you have videos??


Sandy 6 months ago

Truly Venus incarnate.


Abby1599 7 months ago

Wow...She is "B- E- A" utiful. Bring on the videos!!!!!


Jim b 8 months agoLifetime member

Beautiful girl, with perfect tits!, hope to see in movies


beetle 8 months ago

Blonde curls, brown eyes, lovely face. An Angel?
No it is the Latvian beauty Naomi Kiss
Slim body, medium-sized soft and a little pendulous breasts with beautiful nipples. I love them.
Juicy pussy with full and perfect wrinkled labia. Pink and heavenly wet. Made for eating out.
Round and taut butt. A wonderful round fullmoon.
Really slim legs and delicate tiny feet with cute toes.


Tom70 8 months ago

A beautiful addition to MA.Hope to see her many more times here.

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