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Ukraine Age Debut: 23


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MX338 2 months ago

Absolutely knockout gorgeous!!!


Art lover 1 3 months ago

This beautiful girl has a real bad luck. She was photographed by mediocre, talentless camera men, who have no concept of artistic approach and creativity.
All her sets are monotonous, the color and lighting are unnatural and terrible.


RichC 4 months ago

Nasita is truly one of the greats. johnny99 - She gets better with age!


Barnie 6 months agoLifetime member

She's absolutely amazing totally gorgeous from head to toe my favourite love


Nick101 1 year ago

Brilliant model - no butterfly labia still - and with that fabulous pussy too!


DUTCHMAN 2 years ago

Wow, Wow that's all I can say! Over and Out!


Te Amo Culito 2 years ago

That's OK though, as long as it is Nasita there is simply more gorgeous naked girl to love!


johnny99 2 years ago

Nasita is allot heavier than ever before. I hate when the slenderness of youth is gone!


Arimein 2 years ago

Funny how I never had a closer look at her until today. My loss, because she is incredibly gorgeous!


enyhyj86 2 years ago

What a beauty! So pretty it almost hurts to watch


ViRaL 2 years agoLifetime member

This Girl. Halloween. Celine outfit (aka Underworld). Photographer - Erro.

That is all.


Rainer 2 years agoLifetime member

I love this wonderful girl with her alluring and sensual eyes, her fantastic body, her gorgeous breasts. I would like to see much more of her beauty!


beetle 3 years ago

Nasita is a lovely girl with a erotic and hot face and dark eyes. I would like to sink in them.
A first class slender well proportioned body. Nice boobs, sweet little nipples. The butt small and fixed. Legs long and slender. And the pussy? Simply brilliant. Juicy pussy lips, pink and inviting. Just for kissing and licking!


Mike1 2 years ago

We need a set though with more of those labia though - the butterfly!

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