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Nata B

Ukraine Age Debut: 22


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6.5x55SwM 4 years ago

There are words to look forward too; history of pictorials, most lovely women are in archives which should not be placed among the dust bin. Lady Nata B. is supreme example! Would that she could, all of life style must have changed, but would she grace us again?? There is interest beautiful woman, with interest piked by the years, what has nature accomplished regards all whom row togather in the same boat.
A possible, excites the mind!


doggleboon 5 years ago

Wow... almost 29 years old and her body is every bit as hot as it was when she was 22. Here's a girl who knows how to stay in shape.


Dave C. 5 years ago

such a Pretty girl, photographer Sucks.
Beautiful Face, great breasts, nice nipples, tight ass, great body, pretty eyes, pretty mouth