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Natalia A

Ukraine Age Debut: 23


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Members Comments (8)


C6C791 2 years ago

I miss this wicked looking redhead. Would love to try and go three rounds with her in the sack.


Barnie 4 years agoLifetime member

one of the most beautiful woman on the planet smoking hot stunningly beautiful top shelf


richieyeah 4 years ago

She is so stunningly beautiful


serachenfan 6 years ago

I just wish she'd smile more. She had such a beautiful smile that lights up her whole face. It's a shame she doesn't show it more.


HaleHortler 5 months ago

I personally really like these icy, stoic ladies. But yeah, they are photo shoots, so it would be alright sometimes.


Neil 6 years ago

Will we see more of Natalia? It has been a year since her last beautiful set. She has created a superb body of work over the last six years. She is the gold standard of the classic red haired glammor girl. A modern day Rita Hayward.


Dreadnought 6 years ago

An absolutely gorgeous creature, but we're missing out on the inherent sexual allure of the boudoir and it's silks and satins. Waaaay too many ourdooe sets.


bobblehat 6 years ago

Stunning and uninhibited natural redhead, Natalia is an elegant beauty whom it has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to watch since her debut,long may she continue.