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Natalia B

Russian Federation Age Debut: 22


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Ianbof 11 months ago

A beautiful young lady put in some of the worst photographic sets I've seen on METART, where the aim seems to have been to make her look as uncomfortable as possible or to hide her features with ludicrous props. A terrible shame as she deserves so much better.


Checkers 1 year ago

Almost certainly the finest, most magnificent buttocks on MET. Absolutely grand.


jay_fox2 1 year ago

My favorite girl! Perfect in every way! Pleeeeez come back Natalia!!!


doggleboon 4 years ago

It looks to me like she got a boob job in 2010. Though I must say, it's a nice one. She didn't overdo it like so many women do.


Dreadnought 4 years ago

Lovely girl. Her last shoot was posted in 2012. IF she shoots again, could you influence her photographer to shoot her next 15 sets indoors? She looks great -- but would look better in some lingerie and a bedroom. Shooting 85% of your sets in the wild gets a bit boring!!!!

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