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Nataly F

Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Dreadnought66 3 months ago

That damned "tat" would have looked so much better on the BOTTOM of your foot !!


Zdzislav Marchevka 1 year ago

Please come back georgeus!


Monkeypaw 3 years ago

Not my favorite video but I think Nataly deserves a 10 because she's a sublime creature worthy of admiration. She has one of the fittest bodies in the business. I really enjoyed seeing her strut around posing allowing me to examine her from head to toe. She has perky tits, curves as if drawn by an artist, luscious lips, sexy eyes and that smile ... well, it's breathtaking! I sure wish I could've seen more of her pussy and seen a few sideways lounging poses with legs positioned to expose her inner thighs too. Anyway, I'm glad to have finally seen a video of her. Thanks!


Mustafa TAN 4 years ago

God bless ukraine!!!!


Rich 5 years ago

1,376 voters on this site with just an average point score of 8.51. Then I come along, casting vote #1,377 and her over-all score drops to 8.5.

There can be only two reasons for her score being so low. Few if any gave her 10's, and those who did have been over-ridden by viewers who have looked past the Big Name shooters and analyzed their work.

1. This is the way Nataly wanted to be portrayed. I find this difficult to believe, because she was open to pretty much any posing suggestion, her pussy got active, but never finished the course - no fault of hers, I think. Nataly hasn't got a loose bit of skin on her entire 5' 5" frame. Her 37 inch bust is proudly firm and dominant. Beautiful hair, flawless skin with interesting, beautiful, expressive eyes.

2. Because the photography was abysmally second-rate, at best. You two snappers just went through the motions purely for the pay-check. How in hell you could hold your heads up for your outrageous payments has me beat!!

I have to add, Leonardo, I'm really impressed with this new unit of yours. You know, REALLY IMPRESSED, (not!!) The big difference between your camera and my 7D, I know how and where to center the focus!! That's something you need to re-learn!! Better still, go back to the older equipment, you knew how that worked.