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love hairy armpits. hairy pussy

Very sexy woman. Thanks Rylsky. Do these guys who bitch shave their crotch and pits? Wonder what they look like. All the women on this site are beautiful.

Why did Met Art wait so long to bring Nedda back for another set?

Nedda is one of Rylsky's models on RylskyArt. She recently had a great video on RA which was received well by the members. So Rylsky offered this gallery to K for MetArt. Nedda has several great sets and that video on RA.

lovely little beauty! The low marks for hair is just mean.

Unkempt hairy pussy and armpits constitute a major turn off. The flat chest and overgrown hair did not help either. This model needs a major make-over.

fully agree, and her bio says shaved????

@ kkronful:

These aren't the images you're looking for. . .move along, move along.

the Kenobier

Shaved would be better!


easy! click on her name, you'll see what you missed here.

Rylsky, if you click her name you her bio. it says shaved!!!
at least trimming would be better. underarm hair is extremely ugly.

well, your English is much better vs. mine. I 've read this set's cover was marked as "unshaven". Ask yourself why are you here?

Nobody from photographers have possibility to change any bio on MA, sir. I said her page contains full portfolio of sets and she was presented shaved.
if you want direct link - get it:


Cute girl, nice body but as someone else put it so eloquently - Naaaaahh.

Funny how many pics with her arms raised. I guess if you're gonna play to the fetish you may as well go all the way.

8.04. Nicely done, gentlemen.

Nedda you're a sweetheart. Love you, love the bush, your "cat's" got my tongue...mmmmm
Would liked to see more of a variety of posed highlighting Nedda's sweet butt. (too many the same like 80-99) Other than that, great photos especially the "wet" look at the end, truly mouth watering!

I knew I was going to give this set a 10 before I opened it. Just seeing the preview picture I knew what I was going to get.

I love Nedda'a beautiful face and bush. Her body, as a whole, is perfect too. Beautiful breasts. I love the way her bush grows a little down the inside of her thighs. And the way her labia shows through it.

I agree completely with Neil. In addition, this set is superior because her body hair is well displayed, prominently and erotically, and not hidden by shadows, jewelry, hair and clothing as is so often true of set with natural models. And the poses beautiful and the setting is pleasing.

Just can't stay away from the water can ya... Just as well in this case.

it was +30C in shadow and I think it was + 35C and more on the sunny side.
water was needed refresher :)

Ok fine... For this reason, good!

Nedda bush? Oh yeah, baby!

Based on her poses, I am guessing that Nedda is a dancer and/or gymnast. She looks gorgeous and I love the hair, even the underarm hair. As I've said elsewhere, it looks soft and silky and would be an enhancement to the sexual attraction, not a detraction.

Naaaahh --

Love the detail without the excessive blurring and filtering. Beautiful set of a beautiful natural girl!!!!

Cute smile, lovely face and great legs. Lots of potential but get rid of the dead rats under arms!

You keep playing the "dead rats" tune. Don't you know any others?

At least any others that are less insulting to the young lady?

Hear, hear!

These young ladies deserve our praise for being willing to expose themselves to us (even for pay). Insulting them is the height of vulgarity.

At least any others that are less insulting to the young lady?

No need to know, we try to win our psycho-traumas with multiple repeating it in public, hoping it will heal our nightmares.

Hey, hey, hey - no need to question the psychological health of customers. Remember who's paying your bills.

Sure. But when you pay for access to see the Lady posing for you - I hope you never think you also pay for talk to Lady anything like this way.

Or, IOW, if you work for some Boss (who paid your bills) do you REALLY also let him say that your wife is a .... ?

It's really very special way of masochism - to see the cover FAIRLY marked "unshaven"(IOW - "you'll see woman's body hair") but anyway click on set and see "dead rats".
I bet you never enter stadium and scream "why this is not Airport?"

Don't be TOO sure of that bet!! ;o)

Nedda is much more than a woman who has chosen to retain her bountiful pubic hair!

She is also attractive; with significant eyebrows, a delightful ribcage, nice nipples, great labia, long wavy hair, and superb butt cheeks.

My special appreciation to Rylsky for the many stretching poses that allow me to appreciate Nedda's ribcage ~ and the use of water to cause Nedda's nipples to stand to attention; and to K for including this gallery that is bound to please some of the members.

In spite of the repetitions a tasty, stimulant & nice set.

Great way to start the week with a wonderful set of this athletic young beauty, just a nature intended

Nedda is quite stunning and the bush & anal growth a total turn on ...nice one Ryl

What a bush,wow !! :-) . xx

Nedda, Mr Rylsky's beautiful wild child has returned to MetArt after two years. And she is proudly wearing all of her lovely hair, all of it precisely where Mother Nature put it. Nedda is so very cute, with her slender, delicate figure. Very nice. I love this little doll.

'Mother Nature' also put hair on her legs and in her pits. You want that shaggy, too?

'Mother Nature' also put hair on her legs and in her pits. You want that shaggy, too?

If that was Nedda's personal perception of beauty for her, I would have no problem with it at all. Of course, Rylsky did not give us close ups of Nedda's legs. Maybe she did not shave her legs. What about her forearms, should she shave them. Remember, at about $100.00 per year for membership, this particular set cost you about 7 cents. Certainly not worth getting up set over.

$100.00 per year for membership, this particular set cost you about 7 cents
Sorry, Neil, please don't forget millions of images/and 1000s of movs in database of MA (1999-2013). Nedda's set costs nothing in this ocean.

One of reasons of Nedda's return to MA was super-positive feedback and great stats of videos/photos of Nedda on RylskyArt.com as unshaven. So we must say thanks to RA members who bring Nedda back to please MA members to see her so successful and unshaven:)

sure she will be on RA again and again.

She is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Yes, she IS. I'm glad to hear her run at RA is not over, I look forward to her material in the future. ( :

Me too....if she ever shaves again.

on RA you'll see 3 varieties with Nedda: trimmed, unshaven, full bush

I think "unshaven" and "full bush" count as one... And "trimmed" is two... But whaddu I know...;o)

I think "unshaven" and "full bush"
ok, my clarifying:
- "unshaven" = bikini area
- "full bush" = underarms included too.

WAOUW..! Love at first sight... Her bush is perfect...! The direction of the hair, gives shape to the true holy chapel of intimacy...! What a woman...!

Here we call it "screams of Spring Cats"

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