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She's lovely, shame about the photographer always being out of focus.

an excellent set. a gorgeous young model and a good photographer

Beautiful Nensi fresh and sexy, sweet face perfect body.
Perfect photoset simple and clear with a touch of feminine grace,
right container of the beauties of Nensi.
Finally a set that begins with the model dressed so much more erotic and
enjoyable than a set in which the model is now naked.
A gala dinner does not start with the cake!

It's much nicer to see the model dressed at the beginning of the set and not just naked.

Perfect set 10+
"Bravo" Paramov "Brava" Nensi.

We need more photosets with the model fully clothed from the beginning.

One of the best sets and models I've seen recently.

I like all three of Nensi's sets. She's as cute as can be.
She appears to be a very comical and sweet young lady. She has a nice smile and seems to enjoy working with Paromov.

This is nice, but I think her first set is a bit "hotter"...more of what I look for. Very sweet girl with a bright future.

I can't stress it enough. THIS is the perfect set for me and from the other posts it appears that I am not alone. The choice of clothes is absolutely perfect for this little dream. Natural and genuinely her. It highlights her youth and cute friendly persona as no costume ever could. It is so easy to see her out shopping with friends and enjoying the day in this outfit. This is true art. The ability to make the viewer feel that what they are seeing is the real girl as she would be if you were lucky enough to be there. Letting the model create the art with her natural talents and personality.

As for Nensi, She did and absolutely stunning job here. Whether or not this is the real girl she makes you believe that it is and sells it 100% I can't see how anyone could resist this look. Nensi is pure youthful perfection. A symphony of pure femininity to delight my soul. From her cute freckled face to that oh so appealing body I simply couldn't be more impressed.

My only reservation is that she is a bit reserved and doesn't provide the intimate closeups that I crave. Hopefully this will change with time. I for one am willing to wait.

need cunt shots.

Hey hammertime, do you really think a comment like that, as crass as it is, will inspire either Nensi or the photographer to do intimate close-ups? I love those shots too, and miss them here, but c'mon, your rude comment is not likely to have the desired effect. She's a lovely model, it's a privelege to see her undressed. Would I like erotic close-ups? Of course I would, but a little respect will work better than being vulgar.

Girl-next-door cutie + fun, "real" setting + professional-grade lighting = awesome set.

Playful and desirable, earthy and naturally sexual. This is the kind of set I think defines MetArt (or at least it SHOULD). Great job!

I love that this set starts off with Nensi fully clothed. What a classy dresser and adorable smile. I'm a sucker for freckles and hers couldn't be lovelier. Watching her undress gets the heart racing and her body is fantastic as it is slowly revealed.

Sometimes the focus isn't where I'd like it to be, and I would have loved some better views 'down there' but overall, I could stare into her eyes all day long. What a gorgeous model!

Very nice set of a lovely girl. Very sexy.

The eyes have it.

Very pretty girl,and I love the setting. This is a 10 for both Paramov and Nensi. I though her strip was particularly well done, and the background sets her off.

A very "girl next door" set... I could imagine Nensi having a girlfriend shoot these pictures so she could send them to her boyfriend overseas...

Outstanding set. Nensi is looking wonderful. I like the lighting in this set, it makes every curve on Nensi's body 'pop'. Nensi provides some nice little 'looks' and cute little smiles that drive me wild.

Now this is more like it. Real girl clothes, a nice slow strip and the emphases on Nensi not the costume. This is 10 times sexier than that first set with the elaborate costume. We actually get to see Nensi as a real person not a dress up toy.

This is the perfect set! the clothes look fabulous on her. I love the shots in just the jeans and the panties are perfect. Nensi is so cute and here we get to see her cute childlike face and freckles without the stupid hat. Nensi is and should be the focal point of the set. She so damn lovely!

I completely agree with your praise of this set, but not the criticism of the first.

This is tons better than her first set, I agree. We can actually see what a lovely creature she is without all that getup. I like the fully nude standing shots, you can see that Nensi has a great figure!

I thought you would like this set, Hipshot. This young lady is delightful.

Nensi B, what a doll. What a perfectly wonderful set. A new star is rising. 18 years old and as cute as cute can be. Oh to be young again!

Nensi is as cute as a kitten. I like her eyes, freckles, nipples and derriere.

That is some slow strip . :-(

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