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the photos of nica was so gorgeous!! beautiful the perfect body that never before i see mmm she look so delicious!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

What does a cigarette have to do with that ass! Damn it, hotness.

*favorited* because after she went through a little effort to curl her hair and use a little makeup... She became much more beautiful in most of the latter part of the set.... I'm a HUGE fan of when women become more beautiful.

I never even noticed the cigarette ... and I hate the things. I am 100% honest about never noticing it. Nica had me from the first frame, and all I noticed was her.

Cigarette?? I really need to start paying attention...

I thought Rylsky did a nice set with interesting variety. I have to agree about the smoking, as I am myself an ex addict, it's a turn off.
I don't like this recent thing about the models wearing the remains of their outfit about their middle. makes some sense with models that have fat rolls or stretch marks, but here?

Delicious new entry.
Sweet and soft as a cream cake.
Ugly black cloth that remains on her throughout the set.

NOT "ugly black cloth" - her version of her own "Little Black Dress" - the essential to every woman's wardrobe.
Actually, would have liked to see more of her in it.

Sweet girl. Nice to see her here.

What a lovely face. Thanks for all the portraits/facials, what ever you call them (ie 68). The black & whites really bring back some memories.
Nica reminds me of a girl I had a relationship with so many years ago...she was a bleached blonde (my girl had a lovely soft bush thou).
As for the cigarette, seems to be just a prop to go with the 50-60 era theme; part of this photo shoot portrays that to me. I don't actually see her smoking it...
Hope to see more of Nica in the future.

I hsne seen some of the comments and I think you have Nica confused with Micca( A.K.A Michelle) who is already on various Met sites. Micca has a mere slender,but equally hot body and is a redhead. Nica is a very beautiful and very hot model.This set makes me want to hang around parks and hotels. I gave a 10++++ for the beauty of the model and the setting perfectly captured by Rylsky.I don't like modelssmoking either,but it depends on the model.Jenys D took a cig break when she felt like it,and while Danae w

Oh, I don't think ANYONE with operating eyes would confuse Micca with Nica. ( : They look nothing alike. ( :

Woops, I didn't finish,got interrupted again. I was going to say that Danae won't smoke during a shoot,but in some of her movies she was grabbing one right after.I think it was because Jenya was shooting so much,as she was doing Met-art,her own Katie Fey site and Playboy at once,that she got to the point she didn't care as much.

I hsne seen some of the comments and I think you have Nica confused with Micca( A.K.A Michelle) who is already on various Met sites. Micca has a mere slender,but equally hot body and is a redhead. Nica is a very beautiful and very hot model.This set makes me want to hang around parks and hotels. I gave a 10++++ for the beauty of the model and the setting perfectly captured by Rylsky.I don't like modelssmoking either,but it depends on the model.Jenys D took a cig break when she felt like it,and while Danae w

When I saw the cover shot yesterday, I knew this was going to be a good set, and Nica & Rylsky certainly delivered. Love the 'stretch' pic, (17), and especially the all fours, (28 & 29).

This is a very beautiful model a young looking 26, I do like older mature models in their mid twenties and thirties and would like to see more on MetArt.

I would love to see a set with her with her natural hair color. Her gorgeous almond eyes would look amazing if framed by darker hair.

I agree (about the darker hair color) but in this instance, I think the ash blonde works for her as a kind of "mini Marilyn Monroe look.

I was enjoying until the cigarette entered the picture then I completely lost interest. I know it's a personal thing but to see a pretty woman light up turns my stomach! :(((

I agree on the distaste for cigarette use. I used tobacco from the time I was 14 until I was 38 and regret every single time I used it. It turns my stomach also to see anyone using it. I know that it must be portrayed in movies and on TV for verisimilitude, but I don't feel it has a place anymore in erotic photography. Erotic photography isn't about the real world, but about idealization and fantasy, and seeing death entering the picture always destroys that spell for me.

Remember fer and hip this is from RY, a Russian. Different countries have different attitudes. Hell we have had some girls & artists bitched at for being to thin, too tanned, too hairy, too waxed, we all know K's anti tattoo thing or othr "enhancements"! (Remember Nessa?) I was amazed when Erik allowed Milena to point a handgun at us that nobody went ballistic. Better than most you both understand that there is no answer to how different members "judge" the sets. I respect (higly) your opinions and contributions to our comment section so please but don't "blame RY for its inclusion. My question is did you still score her? And did your score reflect your attitude? We don't know if it was her choice or Ry directed her to do it, do we.

Don't get me wrong, swplf2, I wasn't blaming either of them for its inclusion, I was simply stating agreement with hipshot that when I see a cigarette in a photoshoot/movie (even when I saw Indiana's movie where she's smoking a cigarette) it jolts me out of my warm fuzzy fantasy state and reminds me of the artificial mortality that cigarettes impose.
It literally brings Thanatos into a set that is supposed to be about Eros, for me, and for me, nothing is less sexy than death.
This is simply a reaction I have every time I see a pretty young lady smoking a cigarette in my every day life as well as here in MA. It just makes it impossible for me to enjoy the view, so to speak.

Got it thanks...

Reformed Smoker Syndrome :)

Premium, you must have paid subscription to get on MA. Just read the comments and you don't need our opinions .

I feel like I have seen Nica before in this same location on RylskyArt, but I can not find her there now. A major cast of deja vue. Very strange, this is her first set on MetArt, but the set is not titled "Presenting Nica." I seem to recall she was named Nicca on RA.

Anyway, Nica is very pretty and the location is very nice.

Neil, I agree, Nica does look familiar, and it is strange ~ but not unprecedented ~ that her first set is not labeled "introducing." It happens now and again, more this year than in previous ones.
But Nica definitely does seem familiar to me too.

Nica appeared on the Erotic Beauty website July 2012. Except on that website she is called Nicca. In fact the opening 9 shots are the same for both sets, i.e. the bus stop and dragon pics. The remainder of the shots are different but obviously from the same photo shoot, or at least that is my assumption.

Ahhh thank you for the info, kidsmoke!

I would really like to see a short synopsis of the story that starts with a water spitting dragon and ends with a nipple halo.

Where do these nipple halos come from? Wearing little caps while sunbathing? I really don't know.

they think it will prevent skin and breast cancer. It's stupid extra moneymaking based on people's stereotypes for "solarium" biz. Same as "global warming" or "you can stop cellulite" bullshit.

Uh ... not to be TOO political about it, but whether or not you subscribe to the idea, global warming IS taking place. HUGE areas of Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica as well as glaciers over the entire world have been seeing the precipitous decline in ice over the past two decades. We have a National Park here in the United States called "Glacier National Park" that, because of melting glaciers due to small increases of average temperature, will, in 10 years probably have NO glaciers left in it.

Same goes for the Karakoram region. The famous Baltoro glacier is receding by kilometers each year with a concomitant increase in water runoff. Comparative photos published recently are, to say the least, alarming.

Sorry to go on about this subject, but it's one I've bee involved in recording for the past 20 years and, whether you care or want to believe it, it IS caused by overall increasing global temperatures.

Cellulite - that's another whole story in itself! ;-)

climate warming is NORMAL thing. we talk about billion years, cycles, ice age, warm age... this planet did it WITHOUT any human touch...

Cellulite is a story of Great Bullshit Moneymaking.. some like religion for Women... Billions of dollars yearly, yes, tell them it is wrong and say you know how to remove it with your massage or food or (better!!!) tube of fine smelling creme...

I can't imagine what will be next in this industry for bullshit moneymaking. It was already crazy theory of "enlarge your penis to became better", it was already about "full hair repair on your skin head will make you successful", it was already about anything... it was even about "buy chewing gum and all the girls will kiss you immediately right here"...
damn, they really out of ideas, but people like to believe.


It's kinda silly ~ if you don't want to increase your chance for skin cancer, don't expose your skin to UV rays, whether the sun's or in a tanning salon.
Covering up only the nipples to prevent skin cancer? What about the other 97% of your skin? I don't get it.

I used to have a girlfriend who always said "I won't stick a knife or a fork in a toaster - I'm not going to do it with my "cookies!"

I think the practice either started with strippers deciding to use their pasties when they went sunbathing in the "altogether" or else in Europe where completely "nude" sunbathing has been around for a while.

Quite honestly, if say a fairly new "mommy" who's still breastfeeding wants to do some nude sunbathing and wants to use them to cover up her already sensitive areolas & nipples, I don't begrudge her that at all. After all, think about what sunburned areolas/nipples would feel like with a young'in chewing on them! Ouch !!!

Personally, I'd rather see a woman use a high-SPF sunscreen directly on her areolas so that she doesn't end up with the distracting "halos" - but that's just a personal call.

Nipples are sensory organs. A bit more sensitive than the surrounding flesh I would suppose...................

"Sensory organs"!!??? LMFAO!!! Skip Biology did you????

Uhhhh ... strictly they're NOT _sensory_ organs (although I will admit that some women always know when a guy is looking at her chest from a mile away - but I have a feeling that this is more a "breast awareness" kind of thing than a "nipple thing"), Sure, the nipple itself is sensitive to touch and hot/cold, but women generally don't "perceive" anything through them - like infrared or ultraviolet or sound waves.

People love to believe in everything... No time to learn and read science books... just believe... and it works.

i said it is BULLSHIT and moneymaking based on 99% of opeople believe any bullshit from actors who are on TV (or magazine's avdertising) in white "doctor's" wear and saying "trust me and buy this".

MOst stupid example that shows how stupid we are: People live 2,5 times longer our days vs. 100 years ago, BUT THE SAME PEOPLE still think that it was better food, water, greener grass...etc... you do trust and you do look the same stupid as this model who "protect" her breast

Agree.... Should have started with a npple halo and ended with a spitting dragon.... :-)

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