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Nicole La Cray

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Nicole La Cray

Members Comments (13)


doggleboon 7 months ago

What exquisitely beautiful nipples. Nicole joins Elle B and Iveta C in the perfect nipple club.


enyhyj86 1 year ago

Hello! Were are the new sets of this beauty? Hopefully there is more to come.


Vronsky 2 years ago

More, more, more.
All Nicole, all the time.
Or at least once a month please.


face n butt 2 years ago

I really apprecitae and enjoy her beautiful face and body. just barely getting around now to see her pics. very nice, cant wait for more!


Schubith 2 years ago

What a beautiful young lady ! + I love short women, being not really a tall guy myself (1,72), I gave her a 9 but she's not far from a 10 with her almost perfect little body...


fercito999 2 years ago

Wow, what a beautiful girl... wishing to see you many times again.


BrunsJ 2 years ago

Nicole is the perfect example of why I find some girls under 5 feet so gorgeous and exotic. Being a red head just adds to her sexy status.


Arkie 2 2 years ago

A wonderful looking woman, no doubt. But 4'11" and only 108 pounds? If so... eat a few fries now and then girl! The runways of Paris and Milan are littered enough with anorexic looking women (not saying that you're anorexic). Hope to see much more of you around here (and, as i write that I see how ridiculous it sounds).


doggleboon 7 months ago

Being 4'11" and 108 pounds isn't bad. There are many girls here who do look anorexic but she's not one of them. My wife once weighed that much and she's five inches taller yet didn't look too thin at all.


Smokystone1 2 years agoLifetime member

Hope to see much more of here - she is so pretty!


beetle 2 years ago

Elegant and impressed model. Red hair, beautiful face, and the shapely body. Great breasts, marvellous ass, juicy pussy. Long legs ans tender soft white feet. Perfect erotic.


MikeG 2 years ago

I hope this will not be one of those beautiful models who appear once and then are never seen again. Metart have an infamous track record of presenting the most beautiful women in just one or two sets in fifteen years.


Arimein 2 years ago

A new beauty from Ukraine. I like brunettes, I like blondes (the more I get old, and the less I care about this detail) but it's always a pleasure to meet a new stunning redhead model.