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*sigh* Nikia.

that face

that smile

those cute toes


so so so so so pretty and getting prettier all the time!

There are many things to be said about the female form, Nikia A. has said it all in this format of photo shoot.....

She display her feminine most adlibitum.

Wow, great work. The most beautiful girl that ever lived in an interesting setting that allows a playful side to truly shine. A classic for sure!

Stunning set. It is always an honour and a privilege to see Nikia here on Met. Thank you Ry and Nikia.

Another fabulous set of the incredibly beautiful and very athletic Nikia. Rylsky has done it again.I give 10++++ all around

I wonder if all our members are aware that this is an erotic site? Clothing, properly used,as it is here, adds to the eroticism of the shoot.I agree that some photogs do not know how to use clothing for effect,but Rylsky Is NOT one of these.

I wonder if all our members are aware that this is an erotic site? Clothing, properly used,as it is here, adds to the eroticism of the shoot.I agree that some photogs do not know how to use clothing for effect,but Rylsky Is NOT one of these.

I HATE, HATE, HATE SETS WHERE THE MODEL IS PARTIALLY CLOTHED!! All those lovely fdau shots on the sandbank RUINED by Nikia having her stupid dress around her waist! I HATE YOU RYLSKY!!!!!

Welcome to the Club of Haters, Snake.

"If I dislike what someone like - then photographer must die." - Good and happy way of life, sir.

He apparently thinks that this site was set up for his pleasure alone... ;o)

I didn't say you had to die, Rylsky...I just want you to stop taking photo's of Nikia WITH HER FREAKIN' CLOTHES AROUND HER FREAKIN' WAIST!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each to their own but I like to see the girls clothed or at least partially clothed at the beginning, it builds anticipation.

Agreed, monkery... and when we get a peek or two up their skirt it's even better. ( :

Are you that guy I see walking around the mall with a mirror on a stick??? LOL ;o)

No, my older sister raised me to be respectful of women. But I sure do dream of looking up girls' skirts... which is what makes MA and other sites like it perfect for me. ( :
The girls get paid, and even seem to enjoy it.

C'mon, Snake, tells us how you REALLY feel!

Sorry...It's just that Nikia is so amazingly beautiful, it's frustrating if someone doesn't photograph her how you like. But the thing is Rylsky always does it!! I'm sure he's deliberately trying to make me angry!!!

I'm sure you don't really think that he gives YOU a second of thought... Can anyone really have that level of self-importance???
You need to get a grip!

Nikia is a treasure, cheerful and smiling.
A set very original (flasch in public is quite unusual) and very, very personable.
A set chromatically thoroughly researched and full of jolliness.
Nikia offers us, maliciously, views much more beautiful than those of the sea.
A set that has the freshness and spontaneity of photos taken on a school trip (let me know the student with the pink dress).
Here, however, the simplicity and freshness are the result of careful direction.
Great job!

Nikia is in my personal top 5 models on this site. Ry, I don't know how you find all these beautiful women. Evita the other day and Nikia today. I only have one little complaint about the set, I would have selected a different picture for the cover. Not sure if the photographer or the site gets to choose the picture, but I am kind of partial to #129. Other then that extremely minor complaint, Nikia and Ry both get 10's.

I only can choose cover for RylskyArt, not for any other site.

I love the beginning, Nikia's adorable in pink. I'll need to go back through her previous sets again, but I'm pretty sure this one is my favorite to date.

Many thanks to both Nikia and Rylsky.

Excellent!....a definite "10".

Nikia seems to really enjoy posing....she's so natural. It must be a pleasure to work with her.....she's always smiling and having fun, I think this makes her even more beautiful.

Also, I don't know when this set was shot in relation to her other ones, but I think she's actually getting prettier as she grows a little older (if that is even possible???).

Anyway, once again thank you both Nikia and Rylsky....this is a tremendous set IMO.

I totally believe that is possible, Browning... I've met several women in real life who do the same thing.
It is a reflection on their personalities, and it is also a reflection upon one's feelings for them... ( :

I wasn't questioning whether a woman can grow prettier with age (I too have known a few who, IMO, have done just that).....I was questioning whether Nikia could get any prettier than she already was/is.

I think our darling Nikia excels in accomplishing the impossible, Browning. ( :

another 10, without a blemish, is there something wrong with her natural skin and color?

Take a beautiful young lady named Nikia . Take some cute shots of her wearing a pretty little dress leaning on a balustrade , looking over the water. Then ruin it with sand. As one Sheik said to another , " Damn sand gets in everything ".
Please stop taking shots of ladies on sand dunes. It is not sexy.
Bikinis on beaches are one thing , but sand dunes are a turn off.

Sure she’s pretty. But she has that special thing in her smile and gleam of her eye that everybody can recognize but nobody can describe. Foolish me, I’ll try with love of life.

The French say the very same thing just a little better sounding ~ "joie de vivre," literally, "joy of life."

Personality is what it is. Inner beauty that can not be hidden.

This is the mark of the special girls that everyone loves because we know that it is not an act is who she is and Ry has a knack for finding these special girls and sharing them with us.

Charming girl, lovely set. With or without sand. A feeling of freedom
and tickling body sensations.

It is Nikia. I downloaded the gallery.

Pretty in pink! I love the up skirt shots and how great that pink dress looks on her. Of course we all know that Nikia would look good in just about any outfit. I am glad it took 2 pages before she began to strip and doubly glad it was page 5 before she dropped it completely. There are so few outdoor sets with her and we seldom get to see her fully dressed. I really like seeing the girls outdoors in real girl clothes before going to the nudes indoors or out.

Though I hate beach sets that first segment before the sand are such a refreshing change from all the indoor sets recently and seeing Nikia outdoors in street clothes is a real treat. Especially those naughty peekaboo shots that are so sexy!

Nakia sweetheart you look good in pink! And thanks Rylsky for taking this lovely flower outdoors.

Special thanks from NAkia, HApshot!


oops! I missed one! One for 3 ain't bad!

Oh so clever...

Glad you are among us again, Rylsky, hopefully to stay for awhile.

I'm sorry sweetheart, I prefer you inside and without sand on your pretty little butt...:o( I think you are the cat's meow, and will wait for your next set with great anticipation...xoxox

make that another meow from me!

Meow meow??? (lol)

As my hipster FB friends say, "Right MEOW!" LOL
Oh lordy I am getting so old.... ( ;

I must be a bit older because I don't get it... "Right meow"???

Makes me think of eons ago when my friends and I, when walking in 3's would pull out "Right nut....left nut....who's the prick in the middle??" ;o)

's a hipster thing, Rock, we're waaaay too old for it. ( :
I think it's cute though.

A day at the beach with darling Nikia... and she doesn't ruin the view with a swimsuit. ( :
This set makes me wish it were summer all the more so than the snow has been. We should be so lucky to see beauty like this at the beach... ( :

Playful, sweet, provocative .... and, of course, astoundingly gorgeous. What an angel!!

Nikia is always so very beautiful. She is simply gorgeous. It is always a true pleasure to see her sets. Nikia seems to be enjoying herself on a bright summer day on the beach. She has such a radiant personality to match her supreme beauty. What a remarkably wonderful young woman.

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