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Noel Monique

United States Age Debut: 20


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Chris13 3 months ago

Please bring Noel back soon for more VIDEOS; she is more gorgeous than any words could ever express and black models are far too rare on MA anyway!


Dvp69 6 months ago

I have just come across her and couldn't take my eye's off Noel sexy body, smile and a friendly gorgeous face 10/10.


ArtCurator 10 months ago

A beautiful and an excellent photographer. Who can ask for more ???

MetArt really needs more "exotic" models. Noel is an excellent example of why I feel that way.

PLEASE Give Us MORE of Noel Monique !!!


ekim 1 year ago

Noel is extremely beautiful. But all her performances are lackluster and lacking in sensual imagination. Maybe whoever was directing her is to be blamed. Too often it seemed like she didn't know what to do next. There was not a smooth flow from scene to scene.


watcher1111 3 years ago

Please add her to some of the other MetArt sites: MetArt-X, TLE and/or SexArt. She is one of the best black women that I have seen.


Tony D 3 years ago

Sexy sexual sexy


risendragonborn 3 years ago

Simply gorgeous


mchltxxx 3 years ago

Very beautiful sexy woman wasted with poor photographer who cannot seem to focus his camera. And I bet he blames her for his low rated galleries like most of the arrogant photographers here..


Arkie 2 3 years ago

Hmmmm... how do you arrive at the supposition that some of the photographers whose work appear hereabouts are "arrogant"?

Just curious as to how you arrived at this conclusion... do you know many/ANY of them personally to make this statement? Seems a bit heavy-handed to me.


HotteHottrHottest 3 years ago

I simply cannot understand why this guy is at his worse, - when it comes to this lady! It's not because she's inhibited. The other Lightfoot models are photographed completely different from her, with better ratings, - while his skill progressively improves with each set for the other models,- but not with Monique. There's always too much angulation, less rendering and sexual expression of her, obviously, incredible attributes. There's an inhibiting factor there with Lightfoot when it comes to Monique. I don't think its racial, - I believe its over-infatuation, (probably with her great looks)! I bet he's 'lovesick', - I could be wrong!


Arkie 2 3 years ago

There COULD be something going on here you didn't mention.

Not knowing WHEN, either in Noel's or Charles' careers these were taken (could have been years ago and just surfacing now), it might be that either or both of them were unsure of exactly what they were doing in this set - she in posing and he as the role of photographer. I don't think your supposition of "over-infatuation" and "lovesick" really apply.

Then too, Noel simply may have been having an off day - she's human - it happens. I've seen other more notable models look like "let's just get this over with" in sets where they have simply been outstanding in others.

This particular set (and all of Noel's for that matter) may have been languishing in the files for several years - what with MetArt's particular bent towards European models & photographers and are only surfacing now. We really don't - an won't ever - know just when ANY particular set was shot - that is unless the photographer and/or model happen to mention it.

Personally, I'd really like it if the MetArt family of sites would include a "date shot" with the posting of the set info but, for whatever reason, I don't think it's ever going to happen.

Lately, I've seen some sets appear with models I know have retired from the business for at least a year of more.


uuusssee 3 years ago

A breathtaking natural wonder - beyond any rating!


blurule1 3 years ago

She is so amazing


Katlapper 3 years ago

Dag gone she's gorgeous!!!


Sonnyb 3 years ago

stunning beauty , more of her please !


Zorro 3 years ago

Thank you Met! Noele is wonderful. Please bring her back asap.


David123 3 years ago

Please More Updates...


Charles W 3 years ago

The only thing I can add to what was already said is that she is simply beautiful. She even has beautiful feet. Post more of her soon please.


noman 3 years ago



uuusssee 3 years ago



Michael1185 3 years ago

Noel has a pretty face, sweet body and truly fine ass.
I would love to meet a girl like this.


StingRay 3 years ago

What a beautiful world...WOW!


Charles W 3 years ago

This is the perfect comment.


Ivan53 3 years agoLifetime member

I agree with comments above - what a beauty is Noel. Nice to see an Ebony model - and a North American. Both pretty rare here.


Chris_B 3 years ago

Noel is simply incredible. This site, as good as it is, suffers from lack of pretty ebony girls. Noel is a stunning addition. More please, and soon!


Smokystone1 3 years agoLifetime member

She is perfect and wonderfull! A great pleasure to see her on Metart.