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Ukraine Age Debut: 19


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Checkers 3 months ago

It would appear we have reached the end of Noreen's short but oh-so-sweet run as a MET model. Pity. So adorable. I'm glad she shared what she did with us, and I will hold out hope that there's more content out there.


Lexg 9 months ago

House of Dream is the worst shot movie I've seen on MET, a girl with her "talents" must be shown better than the choppy editing displayed here.


Luism 12 months ago

Shea amazing


Luism 12 months ago

She's amazing lovely girl


Mike1 12 months ago

A model who really knows how to display her pussy. Fabulous.


HUMPTY DUMPTY 1 year ago

Time line of dates for listing these sets seems to be in direct opposition to the date/time of the actual pics being taken (based on pubic evidence) . . .

How is it on May 5, '16 Noreen has beautifully smooth shaven pink pussy and then June 16, '16 the awesome shaved pussy is on display again - and wow, 5 weeks later, July 23 and again on Aug. 21 she proudly displays her lady parts protected with a full bush of awesome pubic hair ?~?~?

I don't think even as beautiful as Noreen is that even she can't grow a wonderfully full pubic beard in 5 weeks. Love the bush, that is the way it was back in the day and it is a wonderful 'taste' of memory lane.

Thanks from yesteryear,

Humpty Dumpty


RTChambers 1 year ago

Beautiful hairy pussy!


Brian R 1 year ago

This is one of the prettiest women on Met Art. Please never shave again. You look absolutely beautiful in your more natural state. I feel so shallow by saying I felt love at first site after seeing the Pintore set. I just have to believe that you are equally smart and friendly. :)


James G 1 year ago

Best unshaven.


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

It's such a pity our friend Doug/YinYang couldn't control his obsession or his need to lecture and got himself kicked out o our enjoyable little club. Because one of the most sane parts of his quest for more hair!!! was his idea that it's good to see models both with a bush and without. In the last several months, several artists have actually taken him up on that challenge ~ and he's not around to see his victory.


Arkie 2 1 year ago

Now you've gone and done it... Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice...

And just how do you know "he-whose-name-shall-never-be-spoken" _isn't_ lurking hereabouts - just with his posting privileges revoked or blocked? I know he wasn't a member of the staff so, unless he had some sort of "fantastic freebie" deal, he was a paying customer and you know that people seldom want to lose "paying customers".


face n butt 1 year ago

shes too cute! just wanna hug and kiss her.. all over!


RichC 2 years ago

WOW, Noreen is stunning. So pretty, wonderful breasts, awesome pussy. She's lovely all over.


Dark_Storm 2 years ago

Whoever described Noreen's breasts in her stats as being "small" needs glasses.


beetle 2 years ago

Noreen is so refreshing as the morning dew.
So hot as the noonday sun.
So beautiful as the sunset.
So erotic as a sultry night.
She ist stunning from head to toes.