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Olivia Preston

Canada Age Debut: 32


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BlindGuy 3 weeks ago

Loved Olivia's sets on PlayboyPlus, can't wait to see the former PlayboyPlus Cyber Girl of the Year in explicit sets here on MetArt! So excited!


DarkHero 1 month ago

It's my birthday and I wish that we'll see Olivia again soon!


Chris13 3 months ago

WOW, what a girl! Olivia has a huge "Playboy-bonus", which makes her even hotter! God, her videos are among the best content this site has ever offered! What would I give to see her in more movies (sigh!); please, can you make it happen?!


DarkHero 2 months ago

I agree, I want to see more of Olivia here on MetArt! I'm always looking for her in the upcoming section. Olivia and Berenice are the two models I want back the most.


Gmoney69 5 months ago

I really think she's very hot looking and wish she would do more pictures and videos she's a really hot looking Canadian girl and I'd like to see more of her and in my Met-Art X as well


DarkHero 7 months ago

MetArt needs to shoot as much of Olivia as they can while she's Playboy Cybergirl of the Year!


DarkHero 8 months ago

Olivia needs to be a regular on MetArt!


gemini 12 months ago

Oh! Canada! Surprised there is any snow or ice left in Canada at all with Olivia walking around.


DANGMAN2013 10 months ago

The real reason for global warming, eh? :D


HoundDog 1 year ago

Glad to see Oliva again. Please do more shoots with her and with a different director/photographer. Cassandra did a good job, but I just want to see someone else's style. Hopefully more explicit!


DoggyStyle 1 year ago

More Olivia please!


DoggyStyle 1 year ago

Didn't know Olivia was shooting for any other site other than Playboy Plus, but so glad that she did! Now I can finally enjoy Olivia's pretty pussy in all of it's glory, well almost. Would really like to see her spread it someday and hopefully go further!? Hope to see more sets from Olivia, especially videos and though I did enjoy her first video here, it took too long before she was displaying her body in the nude.


Chris13 1 year ago

I joined mostly because of Olivia and Dakota Burd, especially for their videos. Both are so incredibly gorgeous and Cassandra Keyes` style is so full of taste and class that I just can´t get enough of them.
Please bring us many more videos with those 2 goddesses!


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

Very nice


ual102161 2 years ago

Would like to see more sets of this young woman


sentient 2 years ago

Post more of Olivia as soon as possible. At thirty one she is at that peak stage of womanly beauty.


Smokystone1 2 years agoLifetime member

Looking forward to have a lot of sets and some sexy videos with this model, I known her from Playboy. On Met-Art she can pose a little bit more open and explicite (Playboy is since some months very less explicite).


PushTheEnvelope 1 year ago

Yea for a few years there Playboy Plus was starting to get almost as explicit as Met Art. Up until last June they were regularly posting videos of their models spreading their ass and twerking. By the time Olivia was named PB Cyber Girl of the Month though they had become much softer. I like to look at her content here as the sets we should've gotten from Playboy. I hope we'll get to see some more of the other things that Playboy used to do here on Met Art like nude twerking in slow-motion and cute/sexy interviews


JazzGuy99 2 years ago

My fellow Canadian, we stand on guard for thee. So sexy in a playful way ...


Kris 2 years ago

Just plan beautiful shoot. Olivia is a 10 in my book.


EL Cid 2 years ago



beetle 2 years ago

A real sexy Canadian beauty. Blonde, with brown eyes and a cute face. Marvellous.
Olivia enchants by her cuteness, softness and eroticsm. Premium breasts, premium butt and premium feet make her to a top model.
Olivia will have a great future as a nude model.


Hipshot13XX 2 years ago

Great attitude, sunny smile and nice poses. Nice debut and proof that age is just a number. Olivia is sweet bouncy and just plain sexy! Every bit as desirable as some of our twenty somethings and even a few of our teens. I hope to see many more sets of this beauty.


Nick101 2 years ago

Great first set - lovely use of labia.