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Olya Fey

Russian Federation Age Debut: 25


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D Trails 5 months ago

What a great looking shot. Pretty and well photographed. Very nice and I am looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful girl.


zone 8 months ago

BTW, why does her profile say she has blue eyes when they are clearly brown ...


Tourist from Lyra 11 months ago

Attractive by objective standards, but I personally just don't care for her. Funny how that can happen. She models fine, nice body, pretty feet, just not my type, even if I can't determine exactly why.


musicaz15 1 year ago

So sensual and so damn sexy. She has a perfect body. I love her perfect breasts.


metlover 1 year ago

I love this girl, such a beautiful face and interesting expressions, and a perfect teen body


EVENTIDER234 1 year ago

Back again for my 5th sub to Metart,and consistently astonished by the quality of the beauty of the models and of the clarity of the visual image, I have discovered that it takes over the life in the sense that to click on a new model causes a serious multiplication,and here am I hours later awed by what is there. Olya is true to the spirit of the metart showtime, and so perfectly lovely,and hundreds of photos!!!! Much appreciation is offered here,this is girl of the day no 3,and talk about a lovely time! More please and lingerie too...


Louis41 1 year ago

Pant! Pant! Pant!


Louis41 1 year ago



Hebridean 2 years ago

Olya is simply gorgeous. We need to see a lot more of her on this site. Keep the updates coming


_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

Olya Fey fans are not going to want to miss her lovely photosets on TLE shot by Vladimirov.


bobblehat 2 years ago

Fabulous beauty with a great observable energy, lots more required!.


Beauty Admirer 2 years ago

This lady is just so delicate and gorgeous while unbelievably sexy at the same time. Wow!


Dark_Storm 2 years ago

Olya Fey is another example that a model need not be 18-19 when debuting in order to be beautiful. I think those few extra years in age give her maturity and self-awareness that shows in her superior modeling.

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