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Pandora B

Macedonia Age Debut: 22


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Dreadnought66 2 months ago

Having reviewed all of her sets --

There is sooooo much about this woman that is simply MAGNIFICENT !!!


CharlestheFirst 5 months ago

What a tall, statuesque beauty! Eyes that pierce through you, a smile to melt you, a presence to enchant you. A beautiful, soft pussy so inviting, lovely butterfly pussy, so perfect. Stunningly enchanting!


Elduraverga 5 months ago

Butterfly Queen!


Gatroll 8 months ago

I want to play with Pandora's box.


RodanV 9 months ago

A true beauty!


Rich 10 months ago

Hello Pandora, I would like to open by saying I endorse the comments above, that mention your 'off-the-planet', exquisite beauty. I too, appreciate your delightful contributions to these pages.

You are, without doubt, one of the most succinctly beautiful women to grace these pages. We are blessed, that you give your time for our absolute delight and pleasure.

All that said, there is one observation I'd like to bring to your attention. It would add volumes to your sets, if, when you have your pussy spread for us to gaze at in total awe, if you, instead of smiling, (your smile is captivating), but for a slight frown to appear, and if your eyes could convey a greater depth of sensuality.....

Lastly, you have worked with 3 photographers, and here I blame Leonardo completely, (he did introduce you to us), you have no bio. Arkisi on his site has failed with this aspect as well.

It matters little what you have to say. One model told us point blank, that her sexual preferences were none of our business, and was not prepared to talk about them. However, some indication of your life, (hopefully with a sexual theme), would be appreciated, especially by me. It is much nicer to be able to relate to the model and her aspirations, if there is, as I put it - In her own words - an insight into your thoughts.

Thank you again, for giving us these images of seductive, milky skin tones, and your mouth-watering beauty.


bearcat 1 year ago

Pandora is a wonderfully beautiful and talent model. An all around lovely girl. All of her photo sets are joy to behold. She has been pesented beautifully. Please give us more.


Rich 1 year ago

One of my favorite things about the models on these sites, is their Bio's.

Often as they recorded inaccurately by M-A (a 5' 1" model with a 91cm chest is considered Small!!?? Hazel colored eyes are often brown and a Brunette is Black), these stats add a little reality to the model posing.

Most of these models are asked to supply a quote, to enhance their recorded stats, and again, to give the model some substance, but too often, this aspect of her bio is left blank. Pandora B here and Zelda B are two who immediately spring to mind.

Arkisi, I know, is one photog who has shot both and has both girls on his site, so perhaps it is over to him to rectify this anomaly. Or should M-A themselves be jolted in to action?

Either way, I hope somebody will add that extra perspective to the bio's of these gorgeous women, and Soon.


Pasha 1 year ago

I don't know what to say, but brunettes with blue eyes is just one of the things I like the most. Plus her body, she drives me crazy


uuusssee 2 years ago

Comparatively many poor photos for Leonardo.


Barnie 2 years agoLifetime member

Ooh Pandora so beautiful so lovely


Ceifer 2 years ago

I lost my breath even more on this striking beauty when I saw she is from my origin country of Macedonia. It would appear that the lovely Pandora here is the first and currently only model on MetArt from Macedonia.

I've been to Macedonia plenty of times and there is absolutely numerous gorgeous young women like Pandora residing there. It would be awesome if MetArt eventually added more of these beautiful Macedonian women to their model roster.


PantsOnGrnd 2 years ago

I would love to see a video of this beautiful lady!


Sten 2 years ago

Please, can we have a few sets with less postprocessing? She is beautiful.


Jaystar76 2 years ago

Pandora is an exquisite beauty with a body to die for! She may have the most perfect breasts on the entire website. Her ass and incredible pussy are equally as perfect. Every time i click to the next picture my jaw hits the floor as i literally say "wow" out loud to every new pic of her.

Pandora is a true pleasure to look at. Incredibly arousing girl. Please give us more of her often and regularly!! :)


von Cotrone 2 years ago

I'm breathless - what a beauty! You are so incredibly perfect - wish I could rate you 100! Love everything! - your beautiful blue eyes, pretty face, lovely brown hair, slender arms and legs, those perfect breasts, hot ass and not the least your pussy - it's no less than a masterpiece... Could make love to you for days...


Thanks Your Bod 2 years ago

You are stunningly beautiful, Pandora.

Thank you for sharing your incredible bod !

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