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I find it much more enjoyable your photoset made of a white wall and colored lights.
The light, outdoor, can be steered but it can never be for effect.
Patsy 2 m. of beauty.

Who is the hairdresser that you took care of your pussy?
Chase him away!

Patsy A is simply stunning within this lovely outdoor series of hers :) I simply adore her gorgeous face,hazel eyes and long brown curly hair her long slender tanned legs firm thighs lovely round butt weaing but a white see-through with top and a lovely narrow banded white g-string the middle of it totaly see-through hiding her hidden treasure between her firm thighs ;)I simply love the magnificent close up images #5-#8 with her g-string riding up between the cheeks of her sexy butt.Just As images #11-#14 standing amongst the rocks with the forest the sun shining against behind her gorgeous face,hazel eyes long tanned sexy legs firm thighs as her hands slowly pulling the narrow band of her g-string revealing a glimpse of her of her shaven vagina hidden well within the centre of her see-through g-string thus creating a lovely sexy cameltoe per the large gorgeous close up image #13 in sensual poses ;)I loved the way Patsy slowly peel of her white top slowly revealing her gorgeous small tanned lines of her breasts perky nipples fully erect in both very sexy sensual poses~ One has to simply adore Patsy A leaning against the large rock in lovely serene posess in images #30-#32 the background light of the scenery highling her well toned tanned lines of long body her breasts perky erect nipples~I also love the magnifecent images of Patsy perched up high kneeling upon the rock slowly peeling off her g-string revealing her curvaceous firm tanned round ass tanned body in some very gorgeous close ups and scenery images of the back ground scenery the sunlight both highling her curvaceous ass tanned body her gorgeous face hazel eyes her lovely long brown brown hair cascading down her back in images #35-#42 revealing her labia lips :)I simply adored image #39 with the sunlight shining through her both her thighs the cleft of her ass a priceless image :) Just as images #45-#49 with Patsy A perched up on the rock spread legged these truely show off her magnificent body !! There are definently no lack of lovely rear end images of both her lovely tanned body,sexy curvaceous round ass long tanned legs and body and facial features.I found Patsy A sweaty towards the end of this series ( Who Would'nt Sitting out in the sun all day) but it truely enchanced her slender tanned body very well within her sexy,sensual poses sitting out in the open spread legged with the sparse foliage and the ocean in the back ground there are both sensual sexy seerne magneficent images within this series and Antonio Clemens really showed her lovely body very well within a beautiful outdoor setting it suits Patsy A very well and Thank You Patsy A for showing off that lovely body of hers you are truely a remarkable model model/woman :)

Whoa! What a beauty! nice choice of color for the shift and what a fantastic butt and lovely little breasts!

Patsy A is like a fine wine, getting better with age.

Right on right on...;o)

Not a good setting for this particular model. Kneeling on lichen-covered rocks is neither erotic nor artistic...nor very comfortable for her!

I agree. With such a fabulous looking ass I would have preferred her sitting on my face. Oh, my bad, you said "setting". I have a one track mind sometimes, especially when it comes to gorgeous butts, and Patsy"s is right up there with the best of them! Thanks Antinio and Patsy for all the great photos. You really got it right with all the over the shoulder looks.

You clearly have a grasp of my point...;o) lol

I disagree with you opinion.

Your certainly have that right...;o)

A bit of a change for Patsy here, I prefer here softer look though.........

am starting to like Antonio Clemens better if he would start shooting more bend over shots and looking between there legs at the camera as they bend over the girls take to long to get naked on this site and everyone shoots the same poses

My opinion is exactly the opposite to your.

agree. some photographers take too much time to get the girl naked. too bad

My opinion is exactly the opposite to your.

Patience! Every one of these lovely models have all the body parts of any healthy female. They have lovely faces and enchanting eyes.

roge1 as a female member i quite like this series ok so if you don't like MetArts lovely models taking too long to strip naked cancel your subscription and try and find a better site.I bet you won't find one with so much diversity with it and both myself and the other male members quite like them slowly stripping off their clothing slowly it adds to their sensuality and if you look back through the monthly series they dont pose in the same way ok

The guy gave us his "opinion"... Is THAT ok?? Or does everyone have to agree with you?

rachsback roge1 gave his comment which i did'nt like too well the way he put it ok seemed to me he was both insulting Antonio Clemens annd the way Metart's models pose the same way and so did i maybe have been abit harsh and NO no-one has to agree with me all the time ok !!! Do you know how it feels being the only female within Metart amongst you guys fucking hard and i remember one of your comments about the models and photographers reading the comments too !! plus its my 1st negative comment i've posted to a male members and Thanks for pulling me up on it too no offence taken either by yours. I take it on the chin use to it when i use to drive my Kenworth 18 wheeler with some rude ignorant male truckes and I quite like the setting for Patsy A's lastest series its the 1st time i've seen her Cheers rashback

Thanks for clarifying...(???)

I prefer her work with Rylsky, but this is still a fine set from a gorgeous model. Patsy is absolutely adorable.

It is still summer in the Ukraine. And Patsy looks wonderful. Lovely, sexy tan, tall and slender with a cute bottom. What a sweetheart.

LOL Still summer in Ukraine!? You mean like in Quebec (same latitude) where it's 16 degrees right now!?? You must have been making a joke neil...;o) What a comedian! ;o)

Just look at 10s of November 2013 and call to your geography teacher to say that you will burn your exams result.


Thank you...very helpful. ;o)

The nice thing about these photosets is the illusion they present. Obviously, this set was created during the summer. Patsy would not be posing in her birthday suit if the temperature was too cold. So today we get to visit with Patsy on a pleasant summer afternoon, even though it is the last day of October. Have a nice day.

Right! My bad Neil...taking everything 'literally' this morning.
Going back to bed now...

Latitude has nothing to do with it. I am considerably farther north than most of Quebec (50.66 degrees north) and it is 46 degrees Fahrenheit here.

And this makes it summer in Ukraine??

Hey it's 35 degrees F here and was 25 last night and we are considerably south of you guys.

You can never predict when a set was taken. They can be a couple years old by the time they are posted. Metart buys the sets and then it is up to them when they get posted. K does the selecting by whatever method so we have no clue how long they have been sitting on the shelf.

I like her face and tight butt

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