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Ukraine Age Debut: 22


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Tristan Heart 9 months ago

Okay so it seems Pola is far from a newcomer to the industry, she is actually a full blown pornstar :-P

For anyone interested, her main alias out on the web is Lizi Vogue ;-)


Tom70 9 months ago

She looks like the girl next door.A nice body with breasts that will fit in your hand.Hope to see her many more times here.


beetle 9 months ago

A typical girl next door, heavenly adorable and pure seduction.
The angelic face with the long brown hairs and the warm brown eyes is of a classical beauty.
Polas breast are really small and handy, but this size is exactly my favorite size. One breast for each hand. Mmmmh, absolutley delicious.
The pussy is plump, the labia small and hidden. If you want to the labia, you must pull them out of the marvellous pussy. And again - absolutley delicious.
Best ist the round butt and the nearly unique perfect dark round anus. Some pubic hairs are around that little hole, how delightful. And when I look at that hole my tongue will quite firm and stiff and wants to penetrate into this heavenly butthole.
Long slim legs round up the picture of a really beautiful girl next door.

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