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This is really great, Rilee's looks are simply stunning, and the few times we see her smile are truly awesome. :)

But then, pictures 199-201 and 216-217 (in the hi-res zip archive at least) - the same pic, with and without photoshopping. Why the hell are you doing this? Seriously, the unretouched pictures are a lot better. And #217 is especially bad, since it is not just some lightning or color fixes, you are actually distorting the image of such a perfect woman like Rilee. I do not understand this, really.

With this set of beautiful Rilee, I don't know whether to be impressed by her expressive acting of looking upset, or to upset that she is truly saddened about something.

It takes for ever for Rilee to get her knickers off (over 175 photos!) but definitely worth the wait. Patience is rewarded with some great shots of Rilee with her knickers half way down and her legs nicely spread.

Beautiful photography, beautiful lady!

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