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Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Rosella

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PercyBShelley 9 months ago

Well done, Matiss. Drenched in vibrancy and vitality, these colourful photos are at the pinnacle of your art. This is the benchmark of photographic skill, and your muse here is something so unique, something delectable...
I look forward to your all your future collaborations!


Ivan Sweet 1 year ago

Apart from everything else, absolutely brilliant use of flowers and greenery in the backgrounds of all the pics. Matiss is just operating on a whole different level. This is real art!


Deamonrum1 1 year ago

Video! Video! Video!


Como 2 years ago

Her facial features reminds me so much of Divina A


Smokystone1 2 years agoLifetime member

She is a real beauty!


hipshot131 3 years ago

What a sweet Bio, Not only beautiful beyond description but pure of heart and intention. Were I a young man in her country it would be my goal to win her heart and help her on her way to that big family! But not to fast I would first like to adore and worship that heavenly body for myself.


Favorito 3 years ago

Welcome Rosella! Your beauty is truly stunning. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous intimate parts with us, much appreciated. I loved your Bio. You seem to be a very good hearted young women. Good luck with your studies and career helping others. Please grace us with your awesome beauty often.


beetle 3 years ago

A girl like in our dreams guys, named Rosella.
Long dark curly hair. A warm look that immediately enchants. Innocent, pure and feminine.
The body is breathtaking. Small soft and incredibly cute breasts, which I would like to knead from morning to deep into the night. The nipples I want to suck, so inviting they look to me.
The butt is round, firm and tight. I think he wants to be massaged by a real guy. I can do that.
The pussy, oh what, I should say. Look yourself at that masterpiece guys.
The legs are so long and the tiny feet so smooth that I could also constantly look at them and kiss them.
A Girl like in my dreams, named Rosella!

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