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Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Rosita

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whiskyjohn 1 year agoLifetime member

Too bad she stopped after two sets.


Christopher 2 years ago

Both galleries, Rosita is just amazing.
So beautiful and uninhibited and I adore how expressive she is.
In both of these sets she’s really got this “girlfriend” thing going, where despite how gorgeous and perfect she is she still comes across fun, approachable, and “real”. Like she’s being sexy just for fun on a Sunday morning.
I would gladly pay my monthly subscription just to see her.
More please!


Mesolimbic Dopamine Circuit 2 years ago

Rosita has once more pushed the boundaries of what I perceive and experience as beauty. I will continue to come back and treasure her graceful beauty and charm.


MX338 2 years ago

Super sexy bombshell


beetle 2 years ago

Dark hair with a long plait, dear face, petite body. Rosita is something for connoisseurs. The breasts are small and soft, the butt round and firm. The labia lie somewhat withdrawn in the pussy. But they reveal a lot of potential. Legs are well formed. The small feet have cute toes and the foot soles look smooth and soft.
Rosita is really something for connoisseurs!


Smokystone1 2 years agoLifetime member

And this woman has a smile in her face with special touch. More of her please.

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