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Sade Mare

Italy Age Debut: 21


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Lee M 1 week ago

Sade has a pretty face and engaging smile. Her breasts, while small, are topped with a pair of the most amazing nipples I have ever seen, accompanied with a sexy, near perfect, slightly protruding pussy. Her obvious ballet training shows in her excellent and graceful ability to pose.

Until recently, I would have rated her a 10, but sadly she has become a bit thin and drawn. This last comment is in hope that she understand that a body with small reserves is one that is susceptible to health issues and I truly am concerned.


10 Quest 3 months ago

Meh- Far from pretty Sade's best, and most certainly not her most flattering..........................


EzyJ 1 year ago

Do we really need monthly galleries?


Hipshot13 6 months ago



Reinhardt 1 year ago

Wunderschöner Nackedei, mein nackter Spatz steht immer steif hoch, wenn ich sie ganz nackig sehe...


Rubycon 1 year ago

TMI, dude!


RobH 1 year ago

The video "Artist Secret" is a masterpiece!


Erik22 2 years ago

Give me you smile. I love to see your smile


gaetano maria 2 years ago

Among this set of Sade Mare and the presentation layer there is a huge difference in quality.
This set:
Atmosphere unpleasant.
Clothing unpleasant.
White Balance unpleasant (Sade Mare seems a Indian Sioux girl).
Pose boringly repetitive


RichC 2 years ago

Beautiful girl, beautiful body, great personality. And an added bonus of awesome pussy/anus shots!

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