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Salma C

Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Salma C

Members Comments (8)


pc65 2 years ago

A knock-out!


RodanV 2 years ago

Too bad she did only one set, an instant favorite!


RedFox 4 years ago

Absolutely Beautiful Lady ~ Please Comeback to this !!!


MarkusluvSofi 5 years ago

come on Met Art Salma really needs to come back ;)


AlphaEightFour 5 years ago

Yup. She really does need to come back, MET. She's absolutely amazing. We miss those beautiful brown eyes, kissable lips and unbelievable body.


yojimbo 6 years ago

I agree with Sean I like Salma hopefully she will appear again I know she is still active because there are sets of her on competing sites.


MarkusluvSofi 6 years ago

I've seen her content elsewhere too. And while not any less good than the content I see here, I think Met-Art is better for the fact that galleries tend to be fuller, and also videos even have more time to them than some competing sites. 10 minute videos are more satisfactory than 3 to 5 minute videos that seem to go by so fast.


Sean 6 years ago

Hope to see more of Salma.