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Samantha B

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


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Lenny 4 years ago

ManOhMan, Samantha has GOT to be one of The Sexiest Models, maybe THE Sexiest, I've EVER seen!

As a butt & leg man, it just does NOT get better! I've NEVER seen a sexier pair of legs than Samantha's! And that bottom is AWESOME!

I think her face alone should put her in MA's Top-10! Pretty, sexy and sultry. Beautiful breasts, and a picture perfect pussy too! I have NO idea why MA members voted her so low, except maybe the moles distracted em, or maybe they think 1 is best, or maybe not enough spread-leg shots.

Whatever the case, I'm with commenter Rich below, Samantha is PERFECT, a 10+++++; & honestly, I would gladly nominate her as Sexiest MA Model of All-Time & to the proposed MA Hall of Fame! AND I also hereby nominate her for membership in the PP Club!

Samantha is sensational!! These sets are sensational too!! Proves you don't have to just lie on your back & spread your legs, well at least she don't have to!
Just one look at that pretty & sultry face, those incredible legs and that big, beautiful & caressable* ass, and you'll be reaching in your pants to relieve the tension.

(BTW, I say 'caressable' bcuz that's my first reaction when I look at Samantha's backside standing up. You can't help but wish you could drop to your knees, put your hands on her hips, run your hands around her butt cheeks sensing their shape, feel & firmness, gaze upon their round, high perfection, and kiss every square inch! I know I would! And the mirror shots!! Imagine standing behind her, pressing your loins against her butt, wrapping your arms around her waist or chest from behind and looking at face reflecting in the mirror! What a fantastic fantasy!! The Best!!

Again, like Rich, I just wish there were more sets. If anyone happens to know where else she can be found, please let us know. It would be very much appreciated! And of course a BIG Thank You to Samantha!


Rich 5 years ago

Mr. Nikonoff,

Samantha is perfection on two legs. Perfect figure and flawless skin.
Beautiful hair, seductive eyes, cute nose, delectable lips, perfect breasts, gorgeous waist and hips, with shapely legs, and I'd crawl across Europe just for a taste her pussy.

Your work with Samantha has been stunning, with very generous sets - 1525 images in 8 sets at an average of 190.6 per.

I have a few regrets though. It has taken me 7 years to find this adorable young woman, she hasn't had work submitted in 2 years, 3 months and 8 days, and her butterfly didn't fly as majestically as it could have.

Perhaps I am expecting a miracle, but bigger ones have happened, even here on Met-Art. How about an update from the seductive, sultry and Sexy Miss Samantha B?

You would have my eternal gratitude. Cheers:-)

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