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Age Debut: 24


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EL Cid 6 months ago

If these are fake tits...they look delicious to me.

Those tits and beautiful pussy make her a winner in my book.


Moosecat 9 months ago

Looks like she benefited greatly from her enhancement. Very slightly changes the perception that MA is where A & B-cups are celebrated whereas I pity them.


jcpache 9 months ago

Nossa que linda...
Depois de ver uma bela mulher como essa, eu não acredito em ver pessoas falarem que não existe mulher perfeita. Hoje em dia, sempre que ouço isso, eu indico esse site, pois não sei como, mas vocês conseguem encontrar essas mulheres perfeitas. Met Art, vocês estão de parabéns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tristan_Heart 9 months ago

I thought you guys had stopped using models with implants MetArt? or have you changed you minds? 🤔


SouthernMaster 9 months ago

Where did you get the idea they ever stopped?


Tristan_Heart 9 months ago

From the fact that I don't remember seeing any updates since I joined the site, where the model had implants and there was some talk about it, though I don't remember where I read it hehe 😄


Rose 9 months agoCommunity Staff

We do indeed prefer to feature all-natural girls – and I suspect you are correct and Sandie's breasts are enhanced. But when an artist feels strongly that a model is a good fit for MetArt the rules can be relaxed (they are more a set of guidelines!) and I think Red Fox's instinct about Sandie was a good one. She has a cute smile and a sexy presence.


Lipstick Sunset 7 months ago

So it's sorta like the pirate code... more of a guideline really...

I don't like it, but then again I'm sure some do. Something for everyone, right? :)


Tristan_Heart 9 months ago

I see, thanks for clarifying Rose 😉👍


SouthernMaster 9 months ago

I've viewed every model since I joined years ago & there is a number with boob jobs. They just aren't as overboard as many sites.


Tristan_Heart 9 months ago

I've only been here two years and I don't recall any 🤔

Names? 🙂


doggleboon 7 months ago

Natalie B. Here she is in 2009:

And here she is a year later:


Tristan_Heart 7 months ago

Yea but that is all the way back in 2010, I'm talking recent years.

When I joined about 2 years ago, as I understood it back then, it was a fairly recent change 😉

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