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Satin Stone

Ukraine Age Debut: 23


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Members Comments (5)


tucker69 2 months ago

nice lady


KaptainKajun 3 months ago

She's the stuff that dreams are made of...


Thomas M 5 months ago

A beautiful young woman.Soft and sensual.Hope she makes a video soon.


teasea 7 months ago

Amazing , soft, sensual beauty. A real natural woman


beetle 7 months ago

Satin Stone -this girl we have to remember. A very natural and extremely sympathetic girl. Not an exaggerated bombshell, but erotic and sexy in a pleasurable way.
Already her face is friendly and charming. Brown hair and pretty brown button eyes. Sweet.
Especially nice are Satin’s medium to small breasts. Without artificial additives, they are soft and naturally drooping. The small dark areoles and nipples look like rubies on the white breasts.
The pussy is rather small and delicate. The well-trimmed pubic hair, which run pointedly on the pussy, highlight the pussy particularly. The trimmed pubic hairs are fluffy soft and want to be petted and kissed.
Satin’s feet are surely one of her highlights. Very nice smooth toes and fantastic silky white soles. These feet are made for spoiling.

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