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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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BGS18 10 months ago

I'm going to say that women from Ukraine have got to be the most beautiful women. All the models on this site from that country are absolutely gorgeous. Selina my dear, I love it when you're looking into the camera with that "get over here" smile. Just stunning!


Leslove 1 year ago

I don't think I have seen any woman so aware of what color can do for her looks. She makes you look at her very desirable breasts. Her body is just one great curve after another. I wish she was the girl next door, she wouldn't have any sugar to borrow.


regsf56 1 year ago

Lovely... more please.


lastoftheV8s 2 years ago

Super mega rad breasts!


YallBinZapped 2 years ago

April 3 and still no new Selina set... I hope more are coming! She's one of the best


Vronsky 2 years ago

absolutely one of the best!
once a month please.


nik-100d 3 years ago

Selina you have a wanderfull pussy! lovely! your body is wow!! buttom legs and breasts.. to get crazy. Please give us a video...


Mitchi 3 years agoLifetime member

Extraordinary Selina! Loving every single inch of your beautiful body, your sparkling eyes, your smile, perfectly shaped breasts, delicious pussy and crunchy butt, amazing legs and that sweet toes... Thank you for sharing your beauty with us! You're incredible!


wabos 3 years ago

Selina is in a class of her own. Rarely is such a combination of such beautiful attributes to be found in one woman. Perhaps, the one transcendent quality is the facial expressions and smiles that best help display all her other charms. I lite up as she does. Thank you for showcasing her for us.


RichC 3 years ago

Selina is so cute. Love that shy smile.


chez22 3 years ago

Incredible tits!


Roger 3 years agoLifetime member

♥ ♥ ♥Sweet little Selinshka, welcome on MetArt!!! And we are really happy about Your hobby:-) I hope You will stay with us for a long long time, because Your beauty is amazing from head to toes... Sweet sweet kisses to You adorable Angel♥ ♥ ♥


Amba 3 years ago



doggleboon 3 years ago

I'm not normally a boob man, but I'll make an exception for Selina. Those breasts are magnificent. But that pussy. OMG. This girl was designed and built for sex. Every inch of her promises exquisite pleasure.


gaetano maria 3 years ago

Wonderful, sweet Selina, welcome !
We hope that you are with us long.
And we hope to see with you ...... fireworks.


beetle 3 years ago

Selina is a stunningly beauty. Such a cutel girl rarely seen.
Slender body. A pretty face. Fantastic round and soft breasts. Perfect formed butt. A luscious pussy with nice dark wings. Sensational. I look forward to seeing you again


randycat 3 years ago

Selina is a true gem, sparkling beautiful girl, a precious delight.
Selina, may I have the next dance please?? :) To dance with Selina would be divine, to hear her voice, to hear her sing would tickle my ears with wondrous pleasure. Ah, to dream... :)


enyhyj86 3 years ago

An ukrainian model again and im in love again. So pretty lady so nicely photographed.

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