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Shaina A

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Shaina A

Members Comments (7)


Lustful Lecher 3 years ago

She's cuter than cute!


Brad 3 years ago

Please make more :)


Rich 5 years ago

Personal request to Mr. Alex Iskan - Sir, it's a long time between drinks with a mere 3 sets in almost nine months.

Please collaborate with Shaina to produce more of her beauty and bubbly personality.


Hans O Denmark 5 years ago

She is just a natural beauty. When she smiles, it's her eyes, her face and Whole body that touches me in a way that makes it impossible to feel sad. I think it's a pity putting clothes on her for a photosession, but she woule still be irresistble even in a burka.


solrage 5 years ago

Shaina is becoming one of my new favorites. Besides having a nearly perfect body, her smile and eyes give her a magnetic personality that pulls me into every image.


andrea 5 years ago

More of her, please!


andrea 5 years ago

More of her, please!