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Latvia Age Debut: 22


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Photos with Shari

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fercito999 2 years ago

i hope to see more of Shari. she is so pretty. and not like others. please give us more.


Hipshot13 2 years ago

This young lady is a winner! Who needs nude? She has such a sweet "down to earth" manner about her that I could be satisfied just seeing her in a sexy baby doll or shorts or whatever. I really love the outfit she is wearing in this first set! So feminine and sexy and yet normal girl clothes not vamp stuff! If your listening K I like this one a lot!


dzntmatr43 2 years agoLifetime member

Shari has a Britney Spears (before the insanity) resemblance that is magically beautiful! I look forward to more shoots with this gorgeous woman!


beetle 2 years ago

Shari, do you really know how beautiful you are? Of course you know that, otherwise you would not appear in MA. But also for the conditions here in MA you are absolutely gorgeous.
Your long wavy hair flatters your angel face. And fall on the pretty shoulders and the small but well-shaped breasts. And your breasts are decorated by nipples, which are like crown jewels. Unique stiff and dark.
Your body slender and the full moon perfect.
The legs are very long and inspire me. And - for me always very important - your feet are petite, soft and smooth with bright soles and cute little toes.