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Sharon E

Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Members Comments (5)


semsem 4 years ago

I love this girl! Just keep those pics & movies coming.


Marcello 5 years ago

Beautiful girl! Tall, long legged,tanned. She has a unique face. She's perfect.


Dreadnought 5 years ago

Waaaaay too much girl / girl stuff. :-{


P P Rubbens 1 year ago

Isn't she the incarnation of a non-too-straight girl, giving the impression of allways wearing a strap-on to give those girlies some sore pleasures and such sissies like me the impulse to rapidly leave the place?
Might as well only be a teasing attitude, I can't cope with.


Aretino48 5 months ago

With all the fat women you have painted, Mr Rub(b)ens, it's quite logical that you don't like Sharon. For me she is absolutely great, even now after all these years. Yes, she is tough, and I like it.